Miraculous Escape: Israeli Women Survive Hamas Gunmen

Terrifying Ambush

Two Israeli women found themselves in the midst of a harrowing Hamas attack on a kibbutz, narrowly escaping with their lives thanks to the timely intervention of IDF soldiers.

CCTV Footage Unveiled

CCTV footage captured the chilling scene in the early hours of a Saturday, as a white 4×4 vehicle arrived at the Yachini kibbutz, located just a short distance from the Gaza border.

A second white car with its boot open was parked nearby.

Hamas Attack Unleashed

As the 4×4 vehicle came to a stop, eight armed Hamas terrorists swiftly disembarked, swarming the gated compound of the kibbutz.

The situation quickly escalated as danger loomed.

Desperate Escape

The two Israeli women managed to flee the kibbutz, seeking refuge behind the white car, with IDF soldiers gradually approaching to provide assistance.

As a Hamas gunman emerged from the gate, a firefight ensued, forcing the women to use the car for cover.

Caught in the Crossfire

The intense exchange of gunfire between IDF troops and Hamas militants led to a tense standoff.

A Hamas shooter aimed to gain a better vantage point, prompting the women to remain vigilant and search for an opportunity to escape.

Narrow Miss

CCTV footage reveals the aftermath, showing the back window of the car shattered, underscoring the proximity of bullets to the two civilians.

Heroic Intervention

Three IDF soldiers arrived on the scene, ensuring the area’s safety and providing crucial support to the women.

With the situation under control, the women were instructed to make their escape.

First Hamas Attacks

This video is believed to capture one of the initial attacks by Hamas fighters on communities in southern Israel, marking the beginning of their campaign against the Jewish state.

Yachini kibbutz was among the first to be targeted, but the horrors witnessed there were overshadowed by the devastating events in Be’eri.

Tragedy at Be’eri Kibbutz

The Israeli Embassy in London shared disturbing photos, most too graphic to publish, depicting a horrifying scene at the Be’eri kibbutz, located near the Gaza border.

In this small community of approximately 1,000 people, Hamas terrorists claimed the lives of at least 100 residents.

Grim Discoveries

Bullet-riddled facades of two-story homes and heaps of rubble depicted the aftermath of the attack. Inside one home, the situation was even more grim, with three deceased individuals left to decompose.

Disturbing Scenes

Among the horrifying images, a woman lay lifeless on a bed, surrounded by bloodstains and bullet holes.

A man in pyjamas was found nearby, his body showing signs of decomposition and severe injuries. A third man, wearing jeans and a black t-shirt, lay on the floor.

Eerily Preserved Memories

Amid the tragic scene, a bedside cabinet displayed a photo-frame with pictures of kibbutz members, serving as a poignant reminder of the lives lost.

Another photo showed a deceased civilian, clad in pyjamas, lying on the floor.

Survivors and Their Struggles

The narrative continues with accounts from survivors, highlighting the indiscriminate violence inflicted by Hamas fighters.

Residents describe moments of desperation as they sought shelter from the chaos and horror.

Unbelievable Survival

Amid thick smoke and gas fumes, residents like Miri Gad Mesika and her husband Eli fought for survival.

Their harrowing experiences are a testament to the resilience and strength of those who endured these unthinkable circumstances.

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