Scary moment grenade explosion almost killed five gunmen near getaway vehicle after gunmen opened fire Ecuador.

Gunmen Open Fire on Home A startling incident unfolded in Ecuador as surveillance cameras captured the moment when a group of gunmen opened fire on a residence. The incident occurred in the town of La Concordia, where five armed individuals aimed their weapons at a house on a Saturday night.

Dangerous Oversight with a Grenade In a dramatic turn of events, one of the gunmen forgot to throw a live grenade after pulling the pin. As the hail of bullets rained down on the targeted house, the tension escalated. Amidst the gunfire, one of the armed individuals could be heard instructing, “Fire at it.” However, the situation took a dangerous turn as it appeared that the group had been noticed.

Frantic Escape Realizing that they had been spotted, the gunmen hastily retreated to their getaway vehicle. A member of the group urgently shouted, “go, go, go,” prompting the driver to accelerate down the street. Approximately 12 seconds later, an explosion rocked the scene, sending shockwaves through the area.

Lack of Clarity on Motive The motive behind the gunmen’s attack on the house remains unclear. Initial reports suggested that four suspects lost their lives, while two others sustained severe injuries when the grenade detonated inside the car. However, these claims were disputed by Gustavo Jávita, a high-ranking law enforcement official in La Concordia, who asserted that there were no injuries reported from the incident.

Violence Amid Gang Conflict The grenade blast is the latest episode in a wave of violence sweeping across Ecuador. The country has been grappling with violence linked to gangs associated with Mexican cartels, vying for control of the nation’s penitentiary system and lucrative drug trafficking routes. Just days before this incident, 57 police officers and guards were held hostage by inmates in six prisons. These events followed a government operation aimed at seizing weapons and contraband in the prisons.

Car Bombs and Explosions In response to the crackdown on prisons, the gangs reportedly set off multiple car bombs and explosives within a span of 48 hours across different parts of Ecuador. Dynamite was placed on a bridge connecting two towns in the coastal province of El Oro, and a car bomb shook the Women’s and Human Rights Ministry in the capital city, Quito. These incidents underscore the escalating violence and security challenges facing the country.

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