Miraculous Escape: Plane Crash-Lands in Porthcawl with Pilot Safely Rescued

Miraculous Escape: Plane Crash-Lands in Porthcawl with Pilot Safely Rescued

…By Henry George for TDPel Media. Eyewitnesses recounted a plane crash near Porthcawl pavilion around 9:20 am on Tuesday, noting that the engine had started “spluttering” before the aircraft “crash landed” along the shore.


Terry Sinnett, who observed the incident, took to Twitter to share his account, mentioning that the pilot was attended to by the public and was able to walk.

Sinnett expressed hope for everyone’s safety and later mentioned that he saw the pilot being assisted by emergency services, highlighting the pilot’s fortunate escape.

Locals Witness Aircraft in the Water

Margaret Kendrick, a local resident, described seeing the aircraft upside-down in the water when she looked out of her window.

She expressed relief that the plane had landed in a relatively safe location.

Kendrick stated that someone nearby had witnessed the aircraft descending, and suddenly it became quiet with the engine shutting off.

Rescue Operation Initiated by RNLI Lifeboats and Emergency Services

Upon receiving the distress call, RNLI lifeboats from Porthcawl and Port Talbot were dispatched to rescue the pilot.


The Welsh Ambulance service took charge of the pilot’s care after being brought to safety.

The coastguard search and rescue helicopter from St Athan, along with South Wales Police and the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, were also alerted and mobilized for assistance in the operation.


Eyewitnesses at Porthcawl pavilion reported a plane crash-landing incident where the engine was described as “spluttering” before the aircraft came down along the shore.

The pilot’s fortunate escape was noted, as witnesses observed the pilot being attended to by the public and later assisted by emergency services.

RNLI lifeboats, along with the coastguard search and rescue helicopter, responded promptly to the scene, ensuring the pilot’s rescue.

The pilot was subsequently taken into the care of the Welsh Ambulance service.

The incident highlights the swift and coordinated efforts of the emergency response teams in handling the situation.

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