Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian Suspects in Shooting of British-Israeli Family in West Bank

Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian Suspects in Shooting of British-Israeli Family in West Bank

...By Lola Smith for TDPel Media.

Israeli troops have killed three Palestinian militants who were suspected of carrying out a gun attack in the West Bank that killed three members of a British-Israeli family.


Rabbi Leo Dee, who lost his wife and two daughters in the attack, said that his family has been “tremendously comforted” by the news that the suspects have been eliminated.

Israeli forces entered the city of Nablus in the West Bank and raided an apartment where the suspects were located.

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The military and the suspects exchanged fire, resulting in the death of the three men.

The family of seven had been travelling in separate cars en route to a Passover holiday when they were attacked.

Lucy, the mother, died three days after her daughters Rina, 15, and Maia, 20, were shot and killed on April 7.

The family had moved to Israel from the UK in 2014.

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The three men killed in the raid were identified as Hassan Qatnani, Moaz al-Masri, and Ibrahim Jabr.

The Hamas militant group claimed responsibility for the April attack and said that the three men were members of the group.

The killing of the Palestinian militants has brought some closure to the family of the victims.

Rabbi Leo Dee expressed gratitude towards the Israeli army for eliminating the suspects, saying that it has done a “tremendous kindness to the world” by preventing the men from carrying out further attacks.

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However, the violence in the region is far from over, and the killing of the suspects may escalate tensions between Israel and Palestine.

Hamas has already threatened retaliation for the deaths of the three men.


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