Former Partner’s Disbelief as Security Guard Found Guilty: Gavin Plumb’s Dark Fantasy to Abduct and Assault Holly Willoughby Detailed in Chelmsford Crown Court

Former Partner’s Disbelief as Security Guard Found Guilty: Gavin Plumb’s Dark Fantasy to Abduct and Assault Holly Willoughby Detailed in Chelmsford Crown Court

In a chilling revelation, the ex-girlfriend of Gavin Plumb, a security guard convicted of a heinous plot against Holly Willoughby, expressed her disbelief today.

Ellie Hoad, Plumb’s former partner, emphasized that the man she knew showed no signs of such dark intentions.

She struggled to reconcile the person she once knew with the horrific plans he had crafted.

Gavin Plumb’s fixation on the TV star spanned years, culminating in a detailed and disturbing plot.

He amassed a collection of tools, including chloroform and a restraint kit, with intentions to kidnap Holly Willoughby.

His obsession was described as his ‘ultimate fantasy’, a delusion that led him down a path of dangerous planning.

During the trial at Chelmsford Crown Court, Plumb wept as the jury unanimously found him guilty.

Despite his claims that his discussions on the dark web were mere fantasies, the jury saw through his facade, labeling him a prolific liar intent on minimizing his crimes.

Evidence presented included detailed plans and appalling messages outlining his intentions towards the presenter.

Detailed Plans Unveiled

Jurors were presented with a disturbing sequence of events, including voice notes where Plumb discussed abducting, raping, and murdering Holly Willoughby.

His plans involved using chloroform to incapacitate her and detailed strategies for the abduction.

Police discovered a chilling array of items at his home, confirming the seriousness of his intentions.

Criminal History Revealed

Plumb’s history included previous convictions for attempted kidnap and false imprisonment, incidents that underscored a pattern of predatory behavior towards women.

His escalating fantasies culminated in the elaborate plot against Willoughby, demonstrating a dangerous progression over the years.

Foiled Plans and Arrest

Plumb’s plans were thwarted when an undercover officer, posing online as a potential accomplice, alerted authorities.

This intervention led to his arrest in October of last year, preventing what could have been a tragic outcome for the TV presenter.

Plumb’s sentencing is scheduled for July 12, marking the culmination of a harrowing legal saga.

Timeline of Terror

The timeline of events paints a grim picture of Plumb’s descent into criminality, starting from his initial attempts to kidnap women in 2006 to his elaborate plans targeting Holly Willoughby over a span of several years.

Each incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers posed by individuals consumed by obsession and delusion.


As the legal proceedings unfold, Gavin Plumb’s case serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers lurking behind seemingly ordinary facades.

His conviction highlights the importance of vigilance and intervention in preventing such tragic outcomes in the future.

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