Former Glasgow Education Director to Lead Efforts in Reducing Exclusions in London

Former Glasgow Education Director to Lead Efforts in Reducing Exclusions in London

London’s Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) has hired Maureen McKenna, an education expert renowned for her success in reducing school exclusions in Glasgow by 90%, with a goal to replicate this achievement in London.


McKenna’s work in Glasgow was accompanied by a 50% reduction in violence, emphasizing the importance of inclusive education in curbing violence.

Now, she has been entrusted with developing a London Inclusion Charter to promote inclusive practices and address the concerning disproportionalities in pupil exclusions.

Reducing Exclusions to Curb Violence

The decision to focus on driving down school exclusions is crucial, given the evidence indicating that children with a history of suspension or exclusion are more likely to be affected by violence.

While permanent school exclusions are relatively rare in the UK, the VRU emphasizes that almost half of the country’s prison population had been excluded during their childhood.


By addressing this issue, the VRU seeks to create safer learning environments for all students.

Welcoming the Appointment

Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London and the architect behind the VRU’s establishment in 2019, expresses his enthusiasm for Maureen McKenna’s appointment.

He praises her expertise in collaborating with schools and shares the ambition to support every young person in receiving an education that enables them to reach their full potential.

With McKenna’s guidance, the VRU aims to foster an educational environment that empowers students to succeed and thrive.

The Vision for London’s Inclusion Charter

Maureen McKenna is delighted to be part of this project and excited about the prospects of the London Inclusion Charter.


The charter will serve as a collective call to action for all stakeholders invested in education across the city.

McKenna looks forward to engaging with schools, local authorities, and trusts to foster collaborative efforts in ensuring that each child and young person in London can achieve their academic and personal aspirations.

Acknowledging existing good practices, the charter aims to build upon these successes and prioritize the needs of students in all aspects of educational planning and implementation.

Through these efforts, the project seeks to create a more inclusive, supportive, and empowering educational landscape for the youth of London.

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