A Step Towards Reducing The Impact Of Pandemic on Employees

Pandemic has adversely affected all the continents except Antarctica, continuing to infect people all over the world leading to the deaths of many.

This widespread virus has affected not only people individually but also society, business, and the economy unfavorably.

A survey conducted by Deloitte among thousand of respondents from various companies in China showed that Covid has affected sales volume and cash flow, and their ability to serve clients effectively. 

In addition, there were significant risks like ensuring the safety f employees who are returning from trips and vacations, there were even difficulties in supplying raw materials.

Company executives shared that due to the pandemic performance efficiency of organizations will be negatively impacted. Keeping all the above points in mind certain measures should be executed in action for the benefit of employees.

Measures to be taken-

By Companies

  • At this crucial time of the pandemic, it would be ideal if the companies consider establishing a dedicated cross-functional team who would coordinate the activities of different business units and act as a mediator between the company and the employees by providing necessary information to the senior management who would pass the information to the employees, partners, and customers.


  • Hiring a team of interims would be an additional benefit as they would provide great help in times of force majeure. As the top management is mostly out on business trips, there are fair chances of a shortage of employees if the majority is affected by pandemics.


  • Also, for employees who don’t have any option but to work from the office, effective measures should be taken for them to ensure their safety and hygiene. Lastly, prioritizing your company’s projects is of utmost importance and the workload should fit comfortably with the team’s efforts. To run a company or organization smoothly it is really important to maintain and improve employee satisfaction. This would lead your company to reach great heights.


  • Ensuring effective communication with the employees will play a major role in improving work efficiency during this hard time. It strengthens the company and enhances its culture. Do not stress yourself in case of any disruption as when there is disruption there are chances of recovery too.


  • Be prepared to experience increasing absenteeism. Properly plan and implement smooth and flexible remote work options. Try considering temporary succession plans for key executive positions and the critical roles.


  • Keep your employees updated regarding the pandemic, and make them aware of the precautions and measures they can take for preventing the disease through frequent meetings. Use only incredible sources only for seeking reliable information such as World Health Organization. You can also try conducting online seminars to help employees clarify the confusion and questions regarding the pandemic.


  • This is the time when employees would be mostly worried regarding job security, providing financial support, emergency assistance and additional insurance coverage would relief their stress and let them work potentially.


  • Try providing a safe work environment which should include the purchase of all essential medical necessities and disinfection of the workplace where employees are working. Convey transparently the rules and obligations to the employees who are suffering from symptoms of Covid. This would require the cancellation of any emergency meetings with clients followed by fourteen-day isolation of the employees who are suffering from symptoms.


  • Companies are responsible for ensuring a safe work environment for the employees with proper sanitization and strict rules like wearing masks and maintaining social distance, serious action must be taken for removing an employee if seen suffering from any of the symptoms of Covid further ensuring proper treatment of the person. 


  • If your organization requires frequent traveling, especially to international destinations then special care must be taken. Beginning with updating all the required information related to travel and meeting policies. The latest travel guidelines shared by the Government should be strictly followed and at the same time, your employees should also be updated with those rules. 


  • Make sure you can contact regularly with the employees who are on the business trip ensuring their safety. Also, provide required help to those employees who are forcefully stranded away from their native places due to the travel restriction all over the world.


  • Your social media must be defined properly for this crisis, stating the required guidelines about how employees can talk about your business. 


  • Other than this, you can provide employees with an internal communication channel as an alternative to social media where they would comfortably speak about things that they are seeing and understanding without chances of information leakage. Also, this would ensure direct communication. You can also implement an effective social media monitoring program which would help you to identify emerging issues that might be affecting your customers and product regions. 


  • Always cross-check the information you are receiving as misinformation has put a lot of challenges for various organizations in response to the virus outbreak. To ensure only reliable information you can opt for creating your channel operating in the workplace which would convey only reliable news. Here is different ways to enhance your company’s productivity level.

Planning Of Workforce Strategies

  • As mentioned earlier, you have to be very transparent with the employees. Take care of the thing that you are not misleading them in any way. Provide them with a constructive response, instead of chaotic communication. For this, you need to work through difficult scenarios which might require closing offices and closing some production lines in times of need. 


  • During this hard time you can consider reducing staff temporarily, but take the decision very carefully as an implementation of any unpopular personal reduction would affect the reputation of your management along with a negative impact on business even after the pandemic is over.

Closing Statement

In this pandemic majority of the population has suffered losses, it is important to prepare your workplace for the post lockdown period as Covid has not gone completely yet. it is a very challenging time for the companies and business persons to continue with their work managing everything. 

If you can build a good team with transparent communication and stable understanding then in these hard times also you have chances that your company would operate smoothly compared to the majority of the companies. 

So if you value your employees then don’t let these hard times affect your relationship with them show up to them have the proper clear conversation be consistent. Everyone is a human being at the end of the day so as a company leader now it is your time to take responsibility for your employer’s safety and welfare in the working place.

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