Burger King’s Unconventional Creation: Dad Orders ‘Real Cheeseburger’ with 20 Slices of Cheese

Burger King’s Unconventional Creation: Dad Orders ‘Real Cheeseburger’ with 20 Slices of Cheese

A devoted dad, Craig Harker, sought to experience the buzz surrounding the viral Thai menu item known as the ‘Real Cheeseburger.’


Despite it not being available on the UK menu, Craig came up with an ingenious plan to recreate the cheesy delight at Burger King.

He ordered a large cheeseburger meal but with a unique twist – he requested the server to stack 20 slices of American-style cheese onto the plain sesame bun.

The result was an epic 930-calorie sandwich, accompanied by large fries and a full-fat coke.

Eager to taste this monstrous creation, Craig filmed his adventure, but the challenge proved more formidable than he anticipated.


The Quest for the Real Cheeseburger:

Craig Harker had heard about the ‘Real Cheeseburger’ from online food enthusiasts and was determined to give it a try.

Ordering a large cheeseburger meal from Burger King, he creatively asked the server to replace the meat with a mountain of 20 cheese slices on the bun.

The additional cheese slices came at an extra cost of £5, bringing the total price of the meal to £8.85.

This unconventional request was met with some confusion, but Craig was eager to embark on this gastronomic adventure.

The Hyped Burger Unwrapped:

Craig excitedly unwrapped his customized burger and began the taste test on camera.


However, the delight of experiencing the cheesy sandwich was short-lived.

The absence of meat in the burger made it an exclusive cheese indulgence.

Despite his enthusiasm, Craig struggled to swallow the stodgy burger, even with the help of his drink.

Halfway through, he had to concede defeat as the cheese stuck to the roof of his mouth, making it challenging to continue.

The Experience and Conclusion:

Reflecting on his attempt to conquer the ‘Real Cheeseburger,’ Craig acknowledged the hype surrounding new menu items and understood the excitement behind it.


Although he only managed to eat half of the colossal creation, he appreciated the uniqueness of the order and believed that no one in the UK had ever made such a request before.

While he was pleased to have tried the viral item, Craig ultimately felt that the absence of meat left something missing from the experience.

Despite the novelty, he concluded that he wouldn’t be ordering it again.

The ‘Real Cheeseburger’ Meal Breakdown:
– 20 Slices of American-Style Cheese – 800 Calories
– One Burger King Sesame Bun – 130 Calories
– Large Fries – 448 Calories
– Large Full-Fat Coke – 350 Calories
Total Calories: 1,728


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