Former Colleague Reveals Chilling Details About Suspected Serial Killer Rex Heuermann’s Disturbing Behavior

In a disconcerting revelation, it has been claimed that Rex Heuermann, the suspect linked to the Gilgo Beach serial killings, once pursued a female colleague onto a cruise ship to demonstrate his hunting skills.

Muriel Henriquez, a former coworker, disclosed this unsettling information during an upcoming 48 Hours special about Heuermann.

She emphasized that hunting was a profound passion of his.

Heuermann’s Ongoing Murder Charges

Heuermann, aged 59, currently faces first- and second-degree murder charges related to three victims: Melissa Barthelemy, Megan Waterman, and Amber Costello.

Law enforcement authorities have also labeled him as the “prime suspect” in the murder of Maureen Brainard-Barnes.

Remarkably, last week, he was not under investigation in connection with the 1989 murder of sex worker Carmen Vargas.

The Disturbing Cruise Incident

Henriquez detailed how Heuermann demanded information about her whereabouts for her 40th birthday cruise.

She recalled telling him that she would be in the middle of the ocean and beyond his reach.

To her shock, Heuermann replied confidently, “Oh yes, I can.”

During the cruise, Henriquez discovered a white envelope under her cabin door containing a note from her former boss, stating, “I told you I could find you anywhere.”

This incident raises chilling questions about Heuermann’s behavior and fixation.

The Connection to the Gilgo Beach Murders

These revelations emerge in the wake of the horrifying discoveries of the bodies of Costello, Waterman, and Barthelemy, as well as Heuermann’s subsequent arrest in connection with these murders.

Notably, all three victims were found in 2010 wrapped in burlap near Gilgo State Park, in close proximity to Heuermann’s residence.

The use of burlap is considered a hallmark of a “hunter,” as suggested by an expert.

New Developments in the Investigation

In a significant development, the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office confirmed that Heuermann is now under investigation for a 1989 murder, suggesting potential links to the other Gilgo Beach sex worker deaths.

Vargas’ family believes that there are striking similarities between her case and those of the other victims.

These revelations highlight the evolving nature of the investigation into Heuermann’s possible involvement in multiple crimes.

The Intricate Investigation and Impact on Families

The case has drawn immense public attention, with the mystery surrounding it capturing national headlines.

A task force comprising FBI agents and various law enforcement agencies was established to solve the case.

However, it took years to apprehend Heuermann, and the former police chief, James Burke, has faced criticism for his handling of the case.

Personal Fallout for Heuermann’s Family

Following Heuermann’s dramatic arrest, forensic investigators scoured his home and retrieved numerous items, including firearms.

Heuermann’s estranged wife, Asa Ellerup, and her two adult children found their home in disarray and were instructed to leave immediately, unable to locate their pets.

They have since faced significant challenges, with their living situation described as a “waking horror show.”

Concerns for Pets and Home

The family’s pets were sent to a kill shelter initially, but with the intervention of their attorneys, they were eventually reunited with their animals.

Their home has been left in shambles, covered in debris from the extensive search, making it uninhabitable.

Consequently, the family now spends more time outdoors, seeking respite from the turmoil within their residence.

The unfolding developments in the Heuermann case continue to shed light on the complex nature of criminal investigations and their profound impact on individuals and communities.