Unmasking the Internet’s First Serial Killer: The Chilling Crimes of John Robinson

Unveiling the Darkness: The Infamous Crimes of John Robinson, the Internet’s First Serial Killer


Early Life and Criminal History

John Robinson, an infamous American serial killer, was born in 1943 with a troubled childhood marred by an abusive father and strict mother.

Despite early achievements, he delved into criminal activities, starting with embezzlement, fraud, and check forgery.

Robinson became a master of deception, adopting various aliases to further his scams.


The Victims of John Robinson, the Murderer

Robinson’s chilling murder spree began in the early 1980s and spanned several years.

His victims included Paula Guylene Godfrey, Lisa Stasi and her infant daughter Tiffany, Catherine Frances Clampitt, and Suzette Trouten.

He disposed of their bodies in large chemical drums on his property, and some victims’ remains were never found, leaving authorities fearful of more undiscovered victims.

Arrest and Conviction


Robinson’s careless actions eventually led to his arrest in 2000 after search warrants were obtained, revealing bodies of his victims on his farm and in a storage facility.

In 2002, he faced trial and was convicted on all counts, receiving the death penalty for two murders and life imprisonment for the third.

He later made a plea deal admitting responsibility for five more homicides.


The aftermath of Robinson’s reign of terror included a divorce from his wife and civil suits from victims’ families.


Some found a measure of closure through justice, but the true scope of his evil deeds remains shrouded in darkness, leaving unanswered questions and haunting memories for the families of his victims.

A Closer Look at John Robinson’s Life

Robinson’s life was a twisted tapestry of deceit, manipulation, and horrifying violence. His ability to evade detection for so long and lack of remorse make him a chilling figure in the annals of crime.

The Slavemaster’s tale serves as a haunting reminder of the sinister potential lurking within the human psyche.

The crimes of John Robinson were undeniably heinous and terrifying.


His ability to deceive and manipulate his victims, coupled with his violent acts, make him one of the most notorious serial killers in American history.

The fact that he used online chatrooms to lure his victims earned him the chilling moniker “the Internet’s first serial killer.”

The investigation and trial of Robinson shed light on the disturbing details of his murders and the extent of his criminal activities.

The discovery of bodies in chemical drums on his property added an extra layer of horror to his crimes, leaving many questions unanswered about the potential scope of his victims.

Despite facing justice for some of his crimes, the families of Robinson’s victims continue to grapple with the trauma and pain he caused.


The aftermath of his reign of terror has left a lasting impact on the lives of those affected, and the dark cloud of mystery surrounding other potential victims continues to haunt the minds of investigators and the public alike.

As we reflect on this chilling tale of evil, it serves as a stark reminder of the importance of vigilance and awareness when it comes to online interactions and personal safety.

The tragic legacy of John Robinson stands as a cautionary tale, urging us to be vigilant against those who may use deception and manipulation to prey on others.


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