Joey Barton Sparks Outrage with Disturbing Serial Killer Comparison: Alex Scott Targeted in Social Media Tirade

Joey Barton Sparks Outrage with Disturbing Serial Killer Comparison: Alex Scott Targeted in Social Media Tirade

Joey Barton, former Premier League midfielder, has once again ignited controversy by directing vicious comments towards a female football pundit.

In his latest social media post, Barton targeted the BBC’s Alex Scott, likening her to notorious serial killer Ted Bundy.

This disturbing pattern of insults is not the first time Barton has resorted to such attacks, having previously compared Eni Aluko and Lucy Ward to Fred and Rose West.

As we delve into Barton’s recurrent targeting of female pundits, it becomes evident that his actions are not only disrespectful but also contribute to a concerning trend in the sports commentary landscape.

Barton’s Disturbing Comparison:

The latest incident unfolded on social media, where Barton compared Alex Scott to Ted Bundy, a serial killer who confessed to 30 murders. In response to another user’s criticism of Football Focus, Barton wrote, ‘Alex Scott the Ted Bundy of presenting.’

This marks a reprehensible continuation of Barton’s penchant for using extreme comparisons to demean female football pundits, a practice he seems to have adopted with alarming frequency.

Previous Attacks on Eni Aluko and Lucy Ward:

In January, Barton stooped to new lows when he compared ITV’s Eni Aluko and Lucy Ward to Fred and Rose West, infamous for their heinous crimes against women and young girls over two decades.

Aluko and Ward sought legal advice following Barton’s Twitter rant, highlighting the serious consequences of his inflammatory remarks.

Barton’s tendency to resort to such vile comparisons raises questions about the toxicity permeating the discourse around women in sports media.

Origins of Barton’s Sexist Remarks:

Joey Barton’s derogatory comments against female football pundits began with his criticism of the inclusion of female players in the popular sports game EA Sports FC.

His initial objection centered around the integration of female players with similar stats as their male counterparts in the Ultimate Team game mode.

This led to Barton’s Twitter rant, targeting Aluko and Ward, and subsequently extending his attacks to Alex Scott.

Social Media Critique Ignites Barton’s Insults:

Barton’s sexist comments gained momentum when a user criticized Alex Scott’s presentation skills on Football Focus, stating she had the skills of a nursery teacher.

This comment seemingly emboldened Barton to escalate his insults, culminating in the reprehensible comparison to Ted Bundy.

The incident raises questions about the impact of social media critique on the behavior of public figures and their responsibility in fostering a respectful environment.

Continued Attacks Despite Previous Support:

Interestingly, Barton’s recent tirades against Alex Scott contradict his earlier stance of supporting her as a presenter.

While he initially acknowledged Scott’s achievements in women’s football and expressed willingness to have her on his podcast, Barton’s subsequent derogatory remarks indicate a stark reversal in his opinion.

This shift underscores the inconsistency and volatility in Barton’s attitudes towards women in football media.


Joey Barton’s continued pattern of targeting and demeaning female football pundits is a cause for serious concern.

The disturbing nature of his comparisons to serial killers reflects not only a lack of professionalism but also contributes to a toxic environment within sports commentary.

As discussions surrounding gender equality in sports media gain prominence, Barton’s actions highlight the urgent need for accountability and respectful discourse to ensure a more inclusive and supportive environment for all voices in the industry.

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