EFF: National Treasury is a stumbling block to economic development

EFF Deputy President Floyd Shivambu has condemned National Treasury for allegedly failing to perform its most basic functions. In a recent EFF newsletter, Shivambu lashed out at National Treasury for being a stumbling block to SA’s economic development.

EFF deputy Floyd Shivambu
EFF Deputy President Floyd Shivambu lashed out at National Treasury. Image: EFF/ Twitter

“Despite being the nerve centre of all spheres in South Africa, the National Treasury has spectacularly demonstrated its incapacity and unwillingness to play a meaningful role in the important obligations of developing the economy.”

Turning his attention to the 2022 Budget Speech, Shivambu voiced his opinion that the financial plans for the country reflected this inability to function.

“The 2022 budget, like all budgets presented in the recent past, demonstrate the evident fact that there is an unwillingness to develop South Africa’s economy and, therefore, unwillingness to fight unemployment and poverty.”

EFF: Government full of promises

Shivambu continued by accusing government leaders of being full of empty promises and no action.

“Whilst politicians in government can make a lot of promises and dreams of growing the economy, expanding the revenue base, reducing unemployment and poverty, it is primarily National Treasury’s role to ensure all these objectives are realised.”

The EFF deputy president added that National Treasury is on a ‘high horse’ and that the state continues to ignore legitimate alternatives to pressing issues.

“Because they are up in high horses, National Treasury and government continue to ignore the superior alternatives that have been presented by the Economic Freedom Fighters and other progressive social formations in society.”

Malema condemns Ramaphosa’s comments on jobs

Earlier, EFF leader Julius Malema had condemned President Cyril Ramaphosa’s comment during his SONA. Ramaphosa, during the address had said government was not responsible for job creation in SA but that this was the role of the private sector.

Now, the EFF leader has made his contempt for this concept very clear, condemning Ramaphosa’s comments as ‘dangerous’.

“This assertion is conceptually and empirically false, and we will demonstrate the danger of Cyril Ramaphosa’s gullibility and thoughtlessness. If not gullibility, Ramaphosa’s philosophical and ideological convictions are, in the South African context, rooted in the racist and neoliberal drive upheld by the predominantly white capitalist class and their political party representatives, the Democratic Alliance and Freedom Front Plus, that whites must control the entire economy and black people must seek employment from them.”

»EFF: National Treasury is a stumbling block to economic development«

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