London to Lagos: Woman Completes Solo Road Trip Across 17 Countries, Welcomed as Hero in Nigeria

Pelumi Nubi, a 29-year-old travel influencer born in Lagos and raised in London, completed an extraordinary solo road trip from London to Lagos in under three months.

Embarking on her journey with her trusted purple Peugeot 107, affectionately named Lumi, Pelumi documented her adventure on Instagram as she traversed 17 countries, including France, Spain, Morocco, and Ghana.

Grand Homecoming and Awards:

Upon her arrival in Lagos, Pelumi was greeted with a hero’s welcome led by Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, who awarded her a brand new house and car as a token of appreciation on behalf of the state.

In addition to these generous gifts, Pelumi was also appointed as a tourism ambassador for Lagos state, and the state offered to reimburse her travel expenses.

Motivation Behind the Journey:

Pelumi embarked on this record-making journey with the goal of inspiring other solo black female travelers and demonstrating that such ambitious adventures are indeed achievable.

She aimed to break barriers and prove that with determination and grit, even the seemingly impossible can be conquered.

Challenges and Adversity Faced:

Throughout her journey, Pelumi encountered various challenges, including multiple breakdowns and a harrowing car crash in Ivory Coast.

Despite these setbacks, Pelumi remained resilient and determined to see her journey through to completion.

She reflected on the lessons learned and expressed gratitude for the support she received from her followers and loved ones.

Family Support and Gratitude:

Pelumi expressed profound gratitude to her parents for their unwavering support, acknowledging their initial concerns about her ambitious undertaking.

She credited their encouragement and approval for giving her the strength to persevere and fulfill her dream of completing the London to Lagos road trip.

Celebrating Achievement and Journey’s End:

Completing her epic journey across continents, Pelumi celebrated her accomplishment with joy and gratitude.

She expressed appreciation for the support she received from the people who welcomed her in Lagos and thanked Nigeria for the warm reception.

As she reflected on her journey’s end, Pelumi expressed her commitment to continue making her family proud and expressed her love and gratitude to all who supported her along the way.

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