Leeds Couple’s Garage Discovery Valued at £1000 on Antiques Roadshow

Leeds Couple’s Garage Discovery Valued at £1000 on Antiques Roadshow

Valuable Garage Discovery on Antiques Roadshow:

Guests on the latest episode of BBC’s Antiques Roadshow were in for a pleasant surprise as their seemingly mundane find from the 1960s, a newspaper sideboard, turned out to be worth a significant four-figure sum.

The couple from Leeds stumbled upon an Evening Standard poster carrying the headline ‘Kennedy dead,’ marking the tragic assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963.

Unanticipated Worth of the Discovery:

Initially considering discarding the item during a garage cleanup session, the couple decided to explore its value by bringing it to the Antiques Roadshow, never expecting it to hold any significant worth.

Their shock was evident when the show’s books and manuscripts expert, Clive Farahar, appraised the poster at £1000, leaving the couple covering their mouths in disbelief.

Origins of the Valuable Sideboard:

Detailing the item’s origins, the gentleman explained that the sideboard was part of the utility furniture owned by his parents while he grew up in London in the 1950s.

Inherited by him, it remained in the garage for several decades, housing various old paintings and items typically kept for sentimental reasons.

Near Miss with Recycling:

Admitting the close call with discarding the valuable piece, the couple revealed that the sideboard almost ended up in the recycling bin.

The wife recounted her decision to declutter the garage, dismissing the item as part of the clutter.

However, the husband’s keen eye and curiosity led to the discovery’s preservation, avoiding what could have been a costly mistake.

Other Antiques Roadshow Highlights:

This discovery comes in the wake of Jonathan Ross’s December appearance on the show, where he showcased his extensive vintage toy collection, touted as the largest in Britain.

Ross, 63, opened up about his passion for vintage items, confessing to his emotional attachment and calling his collection his ‘safe space.’

Roots of a Collector’s Passion:

Reflecting on the origins of his fascination with vintage toys, Ross attributed it to his modest upbringing, citing a childhood devoid of the toys he desired.

This lack fueled his appreciation for these items, turning his collection into a significant part of his life, despite acknowledging the potential for an ‘unhealthy obsession.’

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