Hidden Treasures: Vintage Glasses Steal the Spotlight on Antiques Roadshow

Excitement Over Vintage Glasses: Antiques Roadshow Expert’s Enthusiasm


On a recent episode of Antiques Roadshow, expert Andy McConnell could not hide his excitement when presented with two vintage glasses.

He enthusiastically deemed them a “bargain!” as he appraised their value and historical significance.

Bohemian Mid-Victorian Goblets from the 1851 Great Exhibition

The glasses in question are exquisite bohemian mid-Victorian goblets dating back to the 1851 Great Exhibition.


Their historical value adds to their allure and makes them an extraordinary find.

A Lucky Purchase from Social Media

The owner of these remarkable glasses acquired them for a mere £25 from social media.

She shared her delight at the unexpected size, weight, and intricate detailing of the glasses.

The design features the former Crystal Palace in Hyde Park, adding further historical context to these intriguing pieces.


Expert’s Reaction: “What a Bargain!”

As the owner revealed the modest price she paid for the glasses, Andy McConnell couldn’t contain his astonishment.

He exclaimed, “Noooo! 25 quid, what a bargain! Absolutely fantastic! So basically you have ten times your money, these are probably worth 250 to 300 quid.”

The delighted owner was thrilled to learn the impressive value of her purchase.

Antiques Roadshow: Heartwarming Stories and Valuable Discoveries


Antiques Roadshow continues to captivate viewers with heartwarming tales and surprising valuations.

Recently, one guest shared the touching story of a rare Submariners Rolex watch that once belonged to his late father.

The emotional connection and sentimental value attached to the watch made its appraisal even more poignant.

Personal Significance: A Watch of Memories

The guest revealed that the watch held immense sentimental value, as it was purchased by his father in 1972 when he was only seven years old.


The watch became a cherished possession throughout the years, symbolizing the bond between father and son.

After his father’s passing, the watch became even more precious, holding deep emotional meaning for its owner.

As Antiques Roadshow continues to unearth remarkable artifacts and evoke touching memories, viewers remain captivated by the show’s ability to intertwine history, nostalgia, and financial value in each episode.

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