Cherry Seaborn, Ed Sheeran’s Wife, Ventures into Entrepreneurship with ‘Babes In Armour

Cherry Seaborn’s New Career Venture:

Cherry Seaborn, aged 31 and married to music sensation Ed Sheeran, is reportedly stepping into entrepreneurship. Recent reports suggest she’s set to launch her own business venture.

According to details from The Sun, Cherry has officially registered ‘Babes In Armour’ as a retail brand with Companies House. The brand is speculated to offer a range of products, including toiletries, lingerie, and maternity wear.

Independent Pursuits and Business Concept:

Sources close to the couple highlight Cherry’s individual career ambitions, emphasizing her disinterest in riding on Ed’s fame.

‘Babes In Armour’ originated as an idea between Cherry and her friend, costume designer Jemima Penny.

The brand’s registration signifies the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey, with plans underway to define the specifics of this new venture, generating considerable excitement.

Concerns Amid Ed Sheeran’s Album Release:

Amid these revelations, concerns about the state of Ed and Cherry’s relationship arose following Ed’s latest album, “Autumn Variations,” released in September.

Several tracks within the album hinted at potential strains within their marriage. Notably, one song, “Punchline,” suggested a rough patch, hinting at Cherry potentially considering ending their relationship.

Ambiguous Album Narratives and Relationship Insights:

The album’s emotional lyrics convey a sense of longing and turmoil, expressing difficulties in letting go and a desire to salvage the relationship. However, it remains unclear which songs in the album draw from Ed’s personal experiences, given his previous statement about blending his and his friends’ lives in the album’s storytelling.

Ed and Cherry’s Relationship Journey:

Their relationship traces back to their teenage years when they first crossed paths at Thomas Mills High School in rural Suffolk.

Despite parting ways after school, fate reunited them in New York City in 2015, reigniting their romance.

Common Ground and Relationship Foundations:

Their bond seemingly flourishes owing to shared roots in Suffolk. Cherry grew up in a picturesque village with her family, while Ed, known for his musical talent, embarked on his singing career after leaving school at 16.

Modest Celebrations and Wedding Details:

The couple’s marriage, commencing in 2019, was marked by simplicity. They announced their engagement in 2017, followed by a low-key wedding ceremony a few days before Christmas.

With only a small gathering comprising Ed’s closest friends, limited family, and a priest, the wedding reflected their desire for an intimate celebration away from the spotlight.

This choice resonated with Cherry’s preference for an uncomplicated event, devoid of any external intrusions or complications.

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