Antiques Roadshow Guest Astonished by Value of Churchill’s Cigar Found in Attic

Antiques Roadshow Guest Astonished by Value of Churchill’s Cigar Found in Attic

Introduction: An Unexpected Attic Discovery

A recent episode of Antiques Roadshow left a guest astonished when she learned the true value of an old cigar found in her attic.

The show, which took place at London’s Crystal Palace, featured an array of remarkable items brought in by the public.

Among these treasures was a collection of Second World War memorabilia presented by a woman, which included medals that had once belonged to her late French father-in-law.

Disappointment and a Surprising Cigar

Although the medals lacked certification and were appraised at £120, it was the presence of an old cigar in a cardboard tube addressed to her father-in-law, accompanied by a newspaper clipping about Winston Churchill, that stole the spotlight.

Mark Smith, the expert on the show, revealed that the cigar belonged to Churchill himself, marking a truly exceptional find.

Churchill’s Cigars: A Valuable Icon

The revelation of the cigar’s historical significance left the guest flabbergasted. Mark Smith appraised the cigar at an astonishing £2,000

Churchill’s cigars have become iconic, and their historical value continues to captivate collectors and enthusiasts.

Winston Churchill: A Cigar Aficionado

Winston Churchill, who served as British Prime Minister twice and played a pivotal role in leading the nation through the Second World War, is renowned for his association with cigars.

His famous quote, “I drink a great deal. I sleep a little, and I smoke cigar after cigar. That is why I am in two-hundred-percent form,” exemplifies his love for cigars.

Another Surprise on Antiques Roadshow

This remarkable discovery comes on the heels of another Antiques Roadshow guest’s shock when she learned the true value of jewelry purchased for just a few pounds at a car boot sale.

The guest had acquired a collection of gold and silver brooches, as well as a gold necklace with green stones, for a mere £3.50.

A Thrifty Treasure Hunt

The guest had found these items at a car boot sale, and their true worth proved to be far beyond their initial purchase price.

Among the items was a 22-carat gold chain with emeralds valued at £800.

The discoveries continued, with a circular gold brooch with a diamond valued at around £1,000 and a brooch with sapphires and diamonds, dating back to 1900-1915, appraised at an astonishing £3,000-£4,000.

Amazement and Newfound Treasure

The guest’s astonishment at the appraisals exemplifies the hidden treasures that can be found in unexpected places.

These revelations on Antiques Roadshow inspire a continued quest for unique and valuable items, offering both financial reward and a sense of wonder.

The Antiques Roadshow Journey Continues

Antiques Roadshow continues its captivating journey, uncovering hidden gems and priceless artifacts. The show’s next episode is set to air on Sunday, October 22, at 8 pm on BBC One.

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