Alice Wood, 23, convicted of murdering her 24-year-old fiancé after he bonded with another woman at a party

Tragic Events Unfold

The tragic incident that led to the death of Ryan Watson at the hands of Alice Wood unfolded during a charity event in Stoke.

Wood, 23, collided with Watson in what was described as a ‘game of chicken,’ which resulted in Watson being struck by Wood’s car and dragged along the road.

Despite claiming it was an accident, Wood was convicted of murder by a jury at Chester Crown Court.

Conflicting Testimonies

CCTV footage presented in court showed the moments when Wood’s car struck Watson twice.

Experts disagreed on her response time, with one suggesting a possible distraction while the other argued that Watson wasn’t an unexpected hazard as Wood had driven at him intentionally.

Wood’s defense revolved around an accusation of flirting directed at her during the party, which she contested, claiming that Watson’s accusations might have been misconstrued.

Emotional Aftermath

Following the incident, Wood exhibited emotional distress and signs of inebriation when approached by law enforcement.

She made distressing statements indicating a sense of guilt and remorse, even suggesting she deserved punishment.

Bright Future Derailed

Wood, previously regarded as a highly intelligent and ambitious individual destined for success, faced a tragic turn in her life.

She had promising prospects, including a future at Cambridge University, but now faces the prospect of life in prison for her actions.

Background and Community Perception

Both Wood and Watson had recently purchased a home together in a quiet Cheshire village.

Wood had been seen as studious and had a history of part-time jobs, while Watson was described as kind-hearted and helpful by locals.

The community expressed shock at the tragic turn of events, finding it difficult to reconcile the accusations of murder with the individuals they knew.

Witness Accounts

Residents who witnessed the aftermath described a distressing scene, with Wood seeking help but also attempting to justify her actions.

Witnesses detailed their efforts to assist Watson and the emotional state of Wood, highlighting the traumatizing nature of the incident and its impact on the community.

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