Former High-Achieving Student Convicted of Murder After Dragging Fiancé in Jealous Rage

Tragic Incident: Fiancée Convicted of Murder

Alice Wood, a once-acclaimed student destined for greatness, has been convicted of murder after a disturbing incident where she fatally injured her life-partner-to-be, Ryan Watson.

Wood, 23, exhibited a jealous rage and used her car as a weapon, dragging Watson over 500ft along a road after a confrontation at a party in Stoke back in May 2022.

Stunned Community and Testimonials

The actions of Wood, who will be sentenced on January 29, have shocked both neighbors and old school friends, who remembered her as a quiet and non-confrontational individual.

Friends recalled her academic prowess, tattooing her academic achievements on her arm, contrasting sharply with her tragic fate as a convicted murderer.

The Night of the Tragic Incident

On the fatal night, the couple had been at a party where an argument ensued after Watson interacted with another guest, triggering Wood’s jealousy.

Subsequently, Wood deliberately drove her car at Watson multiple times, leading to his fatal injuries of crush asphyxiation. Neighbors who witnessed the aftermath described the horrific scene of Watson trapped beneath the vehicle.

Court Proceedings and Conviction

During the trial, Wood attempted to present Watson as the aggressor, accusing her of flirting and verbal abuse.

However, despite her claims and evidence of alcohol consumption, the jury convicted her of murder within eight hours, rejecting her plea of manslaughter.

Impact on Victims’ Families

The tragedy left the family of the victim devastated, expressing their anguish and sorrow over the violent and sudden loss of their loved one.

Watson, described as kind-hearted and supportive by his community, was tragically killed by the person he trusted the most.

Legal Response and Community Reaction

The court remanded Wood in custody, and the judge indicated that she might face a lifetime behind bars. Family and legal representatives highlighted Wood’s refusal to acknowledge responsibility for her actions.

Final Thoughts and Sentencing

Following the conviction, Watson’s mother expressed her disbelief and pain over her son’s brutal end, emphasizing the nightmare of his final moments.

Authorities condemned Wood’s actions, attributing the crime to her jealousy and alcohol influence.

The article recounts the tragic tale of a once-promising student turned convicted murderer, detailing the events leading to her conviction and the profound impact on the victim’s family and the community.

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