Tokyo crash, Jet hits coast guard plane, killing five crew

Tokyo crash, Jet hits coast guard plane, killing five crew

Tragic Collision at Haneda International Airport

A coastguard aircraft tragically collided with a Japan Airlines passenger jet during landing at Tokyo’s Haneda International Airport, resulting in a devastating crash that claimed the lives of five people aboard the smaller aircraft.

The collision, involving a Bombardier Dash-8 and a larger Airbus A-350, led to both planes erupting in flames upon impact.

Shocking visuals captured the Japan Airlines jet consumed by fire, with flames bursting from windows and the cabin door, while passengers hurriedly fled down the runway.

Escape and Evacuation

Despite the harrowing situation, all 379 passengers and crew aboard the Japan Airlines flight managed to evacuate safely.

Regrettably, the crew of the coastguard plane couldn’t evade the fire.

The collision occurred as the coastguard aircraft was reportedly preparing to assist in rescue efforts following a recent earthquake, compounding the tragedy of the loss of their crewmembers.

Initial Reports and Response

Initial reports from officials at Haneda Airport were uncertain about the collision but confirmed the involvement of their plane in the incident.

Conflicting information emerged, with varying accounts regarding the collision’s location—whether on the runway or a taxiway.

Emergency services rapidly responded, deploying over 70 fire engines to douse the flames engulfing the aircraft.

Chaos and Aftermath

Passengers described scenes of chaos and panic inside the Japan Airlines plane as smoke filled the cabin rapidly. A passenger recounted the urgency to escape as emergency doors were opened, and people rushed out into the unknown.

The airport, a hub of New Year travel, faced disruptions with all runways shut down, causing diversions for multiple flights.

Japan’s Recent Struggles

This catastrophic event at Haneda follows closely on the heels of a severe earthquake that devastated Japan’s west coast, claiming lives and causing widespread destruction.

The earthquake, registering a magnitude of 7.6, triggered panic buying and logistical challenges as aftershocks continued to rattle affected regions.

Rescue efforts faced significant hurdles due to damaged infrastructure, hampering access to affected areas.

Ongoing Rescue Operations

As rescue operations persist, concerns grow over the limited time to rescue potential survivors trapped beneath the rubble.

Roads were severely damaged, hindering access for emergency responders.

The situation remains dire as Japan copes with the aftermath of both the aviation disaster and the destructive earthquake, grappling with the immediate challenges of rescue and recovery.

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