Abia State Governor Allocates N771 Million for Ossah Road Expansion

Abia State Governor Allocates N771 Million for Ossah Road Expansion

Funding for Ossah Road Expansion

Governor Alex Otti of Abia State has revealed that a total sum of N771 million has been allocated to support house, shop, and business owners in Abia State as part of the efforts to expand Okpara Square Ossah road.

This initiative aims to facilitate the expansion of the 3.5-kilometer road project and ensure its successful completion.

Approximately 130 structures have been marked for demolition in connection with this road expansion project, which has been awarded to the Craneburg Construction Company.

Expansion of Ossah Road

The Abia State government recently awarded a contract for the expansion of the Ossah road, increasing its capacity from four lanes to six lanes.

Governor Alex Otti made this announcement during his monthly media interaction with residents in Umuahia, the state capital.

The decision to widen the road to six lanes is driven by the goal of unlocking the economic potential of the state capital and creating additional economic opportunities for the city.

Infrastructure Development

Governor Otti shared insights into the broader infrastructure development initiatives in the state. Apart from the Ossah road expansion project, three additional roads in Aba, the state’s commercial hub, have been awarded to contractors.

Furthermore, eleven roads have already been awarded, and three have been commissioned since the inception of his administration.

The governor affirmed his commitment to improving infrastructure in the state and assured the residents that they would witness significant changes in the coming weeks.

Security Measures

Governor Otti also discussed security measures being implemented in Abia State.

He mentioned the procurement of Hilux vehicles and the engagement of various security agencies in a collaborative effort known as “Operation Flush” to enhance security and protect the lives and property of the people.

Transparency and Accountability

Regarding transparency and accountability, the governor emphasized that journalists and the public have access to information about state finances and contract allocations.

He debunked the rumored speculation of N500 billion in federal government allocations to the state in two months, stating that such information is in the public domain.

He stressed the importance of using funds for the benefit of Abia residents.

Local Government Elections and Governance

Governor Otti mentioned that local government elections would be conducted in the state, but in the interim, Transition Committee Chairmen would be appointed to oversee administrative activities.

He assured the proper use of security votes and emphasized the importance of deploying resources for the benefit of the people.

Promoting Positive Change

In closing, Governor Otti highlighted the establishment of the Abia State Orientation Agency, aimed at encouraging a change in mindset and behavior among the people. The agency seeks to promote positive thinking and transform long-standing practices in the state.


Governor Alex Otti outlined the allocation of N771 million for the expansion of Ossah Road and discussed various infrastructure development initiatives, security measures, transparency, and governance in Abia State during his media interaction with residents in Umuahia.

He emphasized the importance of using resources for the betterment of the state and promoting positive change.