Abia State Governor Initiates Demolition of 130 Buildings for Six-Lane Road Project

Abia State Governor Commences Demolition of 130 Buildings for Six-Lane Road Project

In a significant development, Governor Alex Otti of Abia State has launched the demolition of 130 buildings to mark the commencement of a transformative six-lane road project in Umuahia.

The primary objective of this project is to open up the capital city for extensive development and modernization.

Notably, the demolition process has stirred emotions among some property owners, particularly those in the vicinity of Okigwe Motor Park, who were visibly distraught as bulldozers razed their structures.

Umuahia’s Road Expansion for Modernization

Governor Otti, while inaugurating the project, elucidated that the road expansion aligns with his administration’s vision to revamp and modernize the state capital.

He emphasized that the completed six-lane road would not only impart a fresh look to Abia’s capital but also augment its aesthetic appeal.

This ambitious initiative signifies a pivotal step in the city’s evolution and sets the stage for multifaceted development.

Addressing Challenges and Compensation

During the planning phase of the project, Governor Otti acknowledged some challenges that had arisen.

In particular, villagers in the affected areas had requested permission to exhumate and re-bury their deceased relatives.

However, it is worth noting that the owners of the 130 structures earmarked for demolition have been duly compensated. This measure seeks to address the concerns of those directly impacted by the demolition.

Commendation from Local Leadership

Eze Emelike Chiabuotu, the leader of the Ossah community, expressed his appreciation to Governor Otti for initiating this significant road construction project within his jurisdiction.

He emphasized the transformative potential of the road project, highlighting the positive impact it would have on the area once completed.

The commendation from local leaders underscores the importance of such initiatives in fostering development and progress.

Demolition in Progress

With the commencement of the road project, the machinery required for demolition has been set in motion.

Bulldozers operated by the Abia State Ministry of Works in Umuahia, in conjunction with officials from the Umuahia Capital Development Authority (UCDA), have begun the process of demolishing the structures identified by the Ministry of Works for removal.

This marks a crucial phase in the broader endeavor to revitalize Umuahia and pave the way for a modern urban landscape.

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