Kwara State Government Allocates Over N1 Billion to Eradicate Salary Arrears, Demonstrating Persistent Commitment to Financial Recovery and Employee Welfare

Kwara State’s Financial Commitment: Clearing the Decks of Salary Arrears

In a significant move towards fiscal responsibility, the Kwara State government has earmarked an additional sum of N1,031,149,451.36 to settle lingering salary arrears owed to local government workers, basic school teachers, and pensioners.

The commitment reflects the government’s steadfast dedication to alleviating the financial burdens inherited from the previous administration.

Official Announcement by the Ministry of Finance: Reinforcing the Government’s Pledge

The announcement, conveyed through a statement by Mr Babatunde AbdulRasheed, the press secretary of the state’s Ministry of Finance, emphasized the government’s consistent stand on addressing arrears as financial resources permit.

The latest allocation underscores the ongoing efforts to prioritize the welfare of public servants and pensioners.

A Multi-Faceted Approach to Employee Welfare: January Initiatives and Beyond

The government’s commitment extends beyond mere statements, as it initiated the payment of 100% CONHESS for health workers at the local government levels in January.

Additionally, a monthly palliative of N10,000 per worker and pensioner was introduced, showcasing a comprehensive strategy to alleviate financial strains.

Substantial Investment Over the Years: Addressing Arrears and Ongoing Obligations

Highlighting the broader financial landscape, the statement revealed that between January 2020 and January 2024, the government has channeled at least N5.5 billion to offset arrears of salary and gratuities specifically for SUBEB teachers, local government workers, and local government pensioners.

This substantial investment is separate from the continuous fulfillment of multibillion naira monthly obligations to these categories of workers, a commitment upheld since the government assumed office in 2019.

Kwara State’s Pioneering Approach: A Long-Term Vision for Economic Recovery

The infusion of over a billion naira into settling salary arrears showcases Kwara State’s proactive and pioneering approach to economic recovery.

By diligently addressing financial challenges inherited from previous administrations and prioritizing the well-being of its workforce, the government sets a precedent for responsible financial governance.

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