coin that’s now worth ,000

$2 coin that’s now worth $3,000

The distinctive design of a $2 coin from a 2017 set of Australian coins is fetching prices of up to $3,000 online.

The coins (pictured) range from one cent to $5 but there is one that is driving the whole set up in valueThe coins are a part of the 2017 10-piece Planetary Collection series that depicts each planet, including the Sun and Pluto.

The 10 coins range from one penny to five dollars and were initially valued at $170; however, one coin is driving the value of the entire set.

The shown coins range from one cent to five dollars, but there is one that drives the value of the entire group.

The Mars-themed coin (shown) is worth $3,000, which is half the asking price for the solar-system set.

The Mars-themed coin is worth $3,000, or fifty percent of the set’s asking price.The Mars-themed coin (pictured) is worth half the solar-system set's asking price at $3,000

According to Australian coin expert Joel Kandiah, demand for this coin has skyrocketed.

‘This is the big one,’ he told 7News, ‘it is the most marketable $2 that exists, and I’ve never seen anything like it.’

He stated that the demand for $2 coins has increased after the year 2020, when collectors began searching for every variant.

Joel Kandiah said people started buying the entire sets (pictured) to get their hands on the Mars $2 collectors' items

But the $2 Mars coin in the new series is the one that many are most eager to have.

Joel Kandiah reported that individuals began purchasing full sets (shown) of the $2 Mars collectors’ items.

People began purchasing full sets because they are still reasonably priced. In a short period of time, this began to increase demand for that coin especially,’ the social media influencer explained.

In the middle of the previous year, sets were selling for between $1,800 and $2,000.Halfway through last year the sets (pictured) were selling between $1,800 to $2,000, now they are going for $6,000

It is solely due to the popularity of the $2 Mars coin. It is absurd that its worth has nearly tripled in five years, as stated by Mr. Kaniah.

The value of the 2012 Red Poppy and 2013 Purple coronation $2 coins is also increasing.

After the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, the demand for $2 coins has increased even more.

The coins in the box set were never intended for circulation, so shoppers should not expect to find one at the checkout register.

The featured sets were selling for between $1,800 and $2,000 in the middle of last year, but today they are going for $6,000.

»$2 coin that’s now worth $3,000«

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