UN’s Ex-Deputy Special Representative Responds to Nigerian Minister’s Accusation

UN’s Ex-Deputy Special Representative Responds to Nigerian Minister’s Accusation

Former United Nations (UN) Envoy, Babafemi Badejo, has criticized the Minister of Women Affairs, Uju Kennedy-Ohanenye, for her recent threat to sue the global organization.

The minister had made this threat during a Press Conference in Abuja on Monday, where she claimed that the UN has been receiving money from donors on behalf of Nigerians.

Kennedy-Ohanenye’s comments and ultimatum have elicited various reactions from Nigerians, including Babafemi Badejo, the former Deputy Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Somalia.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, Badejo expressed his concerns, suggesting that the minister’s comments have portrayed the country in a negative light.

Badejo acknowledged that while it is essential for the minister to demand accountability and transparency, her approach could potentially harm Nigeria’s international image.

He emphasized that the minister should have been more aware of the importance of diplomatic and functional immunity that the UN and its officials enjoy.

Badejo called upon Kennedy-Ohanenye to focus on making a substantial impact in her ministry by establishing processes that empower women and contribute to reducing national poverty.

He also highlighted the existence of established procedures for addressing concerns with the UN and cautioned against bypassing them in favor of media grandstanding.

The former UN diplomat questioned the minister’s intent to sue the United Nations, raising doubts about the charges and expected outcomes of such a legal process.

He suggested that the Minister of Women Affairs should address corruption issues in her ministry by collaborating with ongoing anti-corruption probes conducted by Nigerian agencies.