Two Baruch College students in New York seen on camera laughing and making an inappropriate gesture at poster of abducted Israeli children

Two Baruch College students in New York were seen on camera laughing and making an inappropriate gesture.

A request to locate two young Israeli children who have been abducted was displayed on the poster.

Could you please identify the women for us?

A buddy who wore a headscarf laughed and recorded the woman pointing at a billboard depicting stolen Israeli children outside a Manhattan college.

Last night, footage from Wednesday’s incident—which featured two ladies who might be Baruch College students in New York—was posted on X, the defunct Twitter platform.

One of the young ladies recorded the poster while her buddy gave the camera the finger before they both started giggling and turned to leave.

The event, which took place outside the Midtown Manhattan institution, coincides with a growing backlash against American students who seemed to be taking pride in Hamas’ attacks on Israel.

A fellow Baruch student named Jonah Corney captured the incident on tape at 12:30 on Wednesday, claiming that they “were taking a picture for likes” while laughing and giving the billboard the finger.

“These girls saw I was filming and left,” he continued.

The female on the left turned around after I finished the video, saying, “If you’re going to record, at least get a good shot.”

He chose to post the video online with the following caption: “I felt this mobile billboard truck was powerful because it stopped students from tearing down posters that had been kidnapped.”

Two Baruch students captured this terrible scene on camera: #Israel #antisemitism #baruch #baruchcollege #nyc.

The event happened in Manhattan at the intersection of 24th and Lexington.

On Thursday, Mr. Corney added that “knowing I share classrooms with people who disregard human life like this shattered my heart into a million pieces.”

“The posters showcase a few of the war crimes against Israeli civilians,” he continued.

I approached the driver and informed him that the message was excellent and may raise awareness of the issue.

I was completely taken aback when I pulled out my phone to begin recording.

Two Baruch College students were laughing and giving the billboard the finger as they “took a picture for likes.”

“Totally ignoring and making fun of the kidnapped innocent Israeli civilians.”

The women’s identities are still unknown, and a request for response from the College was not immediately answered.

Student athlete Mr. Corney informed the college about the event and demanded action be taken in an email to the president and vice president.

“It is a serious war crime under the Geneva Conventions that innocent Israeli children were kidnapped and taken back to Gaza,” the man added, describing what he saw as a mobile billboard truck that displayed photographs of the victims.

Numerous banners exposing these war crimes have been destroyed by students who have sided with Hamas, the terrorist group.

Since a billboard could not be easily “ripped off of a wall,” I believed it to be forceful.

When two Baruch students began giggling and even gave the billboard a middle finger, I made the decision to record the moving billboard truck on the corner of 24th and Lexington for my record.

“Writing this email makes me sick to my stomach.

I don’t understand how Baruch College students can be so gullible.”

The Vice President of the College responded by telling Mr. Corney that “what took place is unfortunate” and that an investigation will be conducted.

It occurs as hostilities over the Middle East crisis are intensifying on US campuses.

As Israel imposes retaliatory sieges on the Gaza Strip, pro-Palestine groups across America incited anger last week by endorsing Hamas’s barbaric attack that claimed 1,300 Israeli lives.

This infuriated the opposing side.

A pro-Palestine organisation that the Anti-Defamation League has labelled as anti-Semitic is organising a “Day of Resistance” on college campuses.

Having been established in 2001 at the University of California, Berkeley, Students for Justice in Palestine now has over 200 chapters in the US, Canada, and New Zealand.

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