Xi Jinping Signals New Panda Arrivals in the U.S. Following Summit with Biden

Chinese President Xi Jinping has indicated that China will send new pandas to the United States following his summit with President Joe Biden.

This announcement, made after a day-long high-stakes meeting, adds a diplomatic touch to the discussions, which also resulted in agreements on fentanyl production crackdown and the resumption of military-to-military communications.

Panda Diplomacy: A Symbol of Cooperation:

The potential arrival of new pandas is highlighted as a visible outcome of the summit, symbolizing diplomatic cooperation between the U.S. and China.

Xi emphasized China’s readiness to continue cooperation with the United States on panda conservation, expressing a desire to deepen friendly ties between the two nations.

Location of the New Pandas:

While Xi did not specify the location where the new pandas would be sent, indications suggest California as a likely destination.

The possibility arises as Xi attends a summit hosted by California Governor Gavin Newsom.

The San Diego Zoo is mentioned as a potential site, given its past experience in hosting pandas.

White House Response and Appreciation:

White House spokesman John Kirby acknowledged the appreciation for having pandas in the U.S. and respected China’s sovereign decision to relocate some pandas.

Should China decide to send new pandas, the U.S. would welcome this move, reflecting the ongoing symbolic significance of panda diplomacy.

Pandas as Symbols of Diplomacy:

Pandas have played a role as symbols of diplomacy between China and the United States since the initial gift in 1972.

Over the years, China has continued to loan pandas to the U.S. and other countries, contributing to diplomatic ties.

The recent return of pandas from the National Zoo underscores the strict lease program governing these diplomatic gifts.

Diplomatic Tensions and Summit Outcomes:

Despite ongoing tensions, particularly regarding Taiwan, the summit between Biden and Xi managed to reopen relations that had become strained.

The leaders engaged in direct and open communication, addressing various issues, including the recent incident involving a Chinese spy balloon over the U.S.

Biden’s Perspective and Agreement on Fentanyl:

Biden, while acknowledging Xi as a dictator, highlighted the importance of direct communication.

The leaders agreed on China curbing the export of items related to the production of the opioid fentanyl, a significant cause of deaths in the United States.

Biden expressed appreciation for Xi’s commitment to addressing this issue, emphasizing the potential to save lives.


The announcement of new pandas adds a touch of charm to the diplomatic outcomes of the Biden-Xi summit.

While acknowledging differences, the leaders’ agreements on various fronts, including panda conservation and fentanyl control, demonstrate efforts to find common ground and foster cooperation in key areas.*