Corruption Probe Unveils NYC Mayor’s Office Impropriety: Rana Abbasova Under Scrutiny

Identifying the Staffer: Rana Abbasova

In the midst of the FBI’s corruption probe into Eric Adams’ campaign, a junior staffer within NYC’s Mayor Office, identified as Rana Abbasova, has been revealed to have ‘acted improperly.’ Abbasova, holding the position of director of protocol for international affairs with an $80,651 salary, was named by sources in the New York Post following an internal investigation.

Allegations and Reporting to Investigators

Boyd Johnson, the lawyer for Adams’ campaign, confirmed that the employee in question has been reported to investigators.

While details of the alleged improper conduct were not disclosed, Abbasova’s actions are believed to be connected to the ongoing FBI investigation into potential conspiracy involving Adams’ campaign, a Brooklyn construction company, and the Turkish government funneling foreign money.

City Hall’s Response and Abbasova’s Role

City Hall did not deny Abbasova’s involvement, stating that the individual in question was a junior staffer promptly placed on leave.

While cooperating with investigators, City Hall emphasized that Mayor Eric Adams has not been accused of any wrongdoing. Abbasova’s role, described on the City Hall page, involves fostering relationships between New York City and the diplomatic community, managing engagements with foreign dignitaries.

Lingering Questions and Alleged Lies to Investigators

Sources claim that Abbasova lied to federal investigators, adding complexity to the unfolding situation. The Post reported that her responsibilities expanded earlier this year to include working as a ‘body person’ in the mayor’s unit of events planning, traveling with the mayor.

FBI’s Recent Actions and Adams’ Response

Last week, the FBI seized electronic devices belonging to Mayor Eric Adams, following a raid on his top fundraiser and confidante Brianna Suggs.

The FBI’s inquiry into an alleged kickback scheme includes examining potential connections between Adams’ 2021 mayoral campaign and the Turkish government. Adams maintains his innocence, expressing full cooperation with investigations and asserting his expectation that all staff members follow the law.

Ongoing Investigation and Denial of Wrongdoing

As the investigation unfolds, the timing of the FBI’s actions, including the raid on Suggs’ home and the seizure of Adams’ devices, raises questions.

Federal prosecutors have not disclosed specific details about the inquiry, but the warrant indicates a focus on potential campaign-related improprieties.

Adams stands by Suggs and insists on his commitment to lawful conduct, emphasizing his willingness to cooperate with the ongoing investigation.

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