Saturday Night Live Mocks President Biden and US-China Relations in Panda Diplomacy Skit

Saturday Night Live (SNL) delivered a satirical blow to President Joe Biden and the strained US-China relationship in a weekend sketch that humorously tackled panda diplomacy.

SNL’s Cold Open:

The show’s cold open lampooned President Biden’s public speaking blunders, particularly highlighting a moment where cast member Mikey Day, impersonating Biden, referred to Chinese President Xi Jinping as ‘Roman Numeral 11.’ The sketch humorously depicted Biden’s meeting with Xi at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, emphasizing agreements on various issues, including the crucial need for ‘more pandas!’

Press Room Grilling:

As the fake President Biden fielded questions from SNL’s mock reporters, the sketch continued to poke fun at Biden’s diplomatic history.

References to real-life events, such as Biden calling Xi a dictator, were incorporated into the comedic dialogue. The sketch humorously explored the president’s responses to challenging queries from the press.

Special Guest: Tian Tian the Panda:

To alleviate the tension, the fake President Biden introduced a special guest—Tian Tian, a giant panda played by cast member Bowen Yang. Tian Tian was one of three pandas recently recalled to China from the National Zoo in Washington, DC. The sketch portrayed Tian Tian fielding questions about his departure, adding a humorous twist to the diplomatic satire.

Panda’s Perspective:

As the sketch unfolded, Tian Tian provided amusing commentary on his exit from the US and even commented on the political landscape. The panda’s remarks about the possibility of Trump’s return to the Oval Office and his ambiguous stance on voting for Biden added a lighthearted touch to the comedic narrative.

Xi’s Response and Future Pandas:

Following the real Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, President Xi signaled China’s intention to send new pandas to the US, emphasizing their role as ‘envoys of friendships.’ The article concludes by highlighting the historical significance of pandas in US-China relations and the anticipation for their return.

This SNL skit cleverly weaves together political satire and panda diplomacy, creating a humorous take on current events.

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