Wumi Toriola Supports Jaiye Kuti’s Criticism of Veteran Actors Begging, Engages in Heated Exchange with Troll

Wumi Toriola Supports Jaiye Kuti’s Criticism of Veteran Actors Begging, Engages in Heated Exchange with Troll

…By Larry John for TDPel Media. Nollywood actress Wumi Toriola engaged in a bitter exchange with a critic regarding Jaiye Kuti’s recent statement on veteran actors seeking financial assistance.


Jaiye Kuti had received heavy backlash for her remarks criticizing senior colleagues who were publicly asking fans for money due to their deteriorating financial situations.

Kuti expressed her concern about the negative impact such pleas had on the image of the Yoruba movie industry, attributing their struggles to poor future planning and impulsive spending.

Jaiye Kuti Clarifies her Stance and Addresses Backlash

Responding to the backlash, Jaiye Kuti clarified her statement, explaining that she was not discouraging ailing veterans from seeking help.


However, she criticized those who misuse the opportunity for their selfish gains and tarnish the industry’s reputation.

She emphasized the need for only those genuinely in need, especially for health-related issues, to seek public assistance.

Wumi Toriola Supports Jaiye Kuti, Trades Words with Troll

Actress Wumi Toriola agreed with Jaiye Kuti’s perspective, acknowledging that some veterans were damaging the industry’s image.

Describing acting as an honorable profession that sustains her livelihood, Toriola expressed her support for genuine cases of assistance.

However, a troll in the comments section insulted her, making derogatory remarks about her failed marriage and calling her names.


This led to a heated exchange between Toriola and the troll, with Toriola responding firmly.

Intense Exchange with a Troll

The online argument intensified as the troll insulted Wumi Toriola, referring to her failed marriage and making derogatory comments about her.

Toriola retaliated by pointing out the unproductiveness and negativity of the troll’s remarks, referencing the troll’s own mother in the process.

The exchange between the two continued with heated words exchanged.


Wumi Toriola showed support for Jaiye Kuti’s criticism of veteran actors begging for help, emphasizing the need for genuine cases and maintaining the industry’s image.


However, Toriola’s engagement in an intense exchange with a troll escalated the online dispute.

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