Yomi Fabiyi Criticizes Jaiye Kuti and Mr. Latin for Statements on Veteran Actors’ Financial Struggles

Yomi Fabiyi Criticizes Jaiye Kuti and Mr. Latin for Statements on Veteran Actors’ Financial Struggles

…By Larry John for TDPel Media. Nollywood actor Yomi Fabiyi has taken aim at his senior colleague Jaiye Kuti, also known as Jayeola Monje, over her recent statement regarding veteran actors who resort to online begging for financial support.


Kuti had expressed her concern about the negative impact such pleas have on the image of the Yoruba movie industry, highlighting the lack of future planning and the expenditure of youthful earnings on temporary pleasures.

Yomi Fabiyi Rebukes Jaiye Kuti’s Remarks, Defends Ailing Actors

In response to Jaiye Kuti’s comments, Yomi Fabiyi criticized her stance, asserting that if someone publicly seeks help, it should not bother the actress.

Fabiyi argued that if Kuti cannot provide assistance to ailing actors or those facing financial challenges, she should let them be.


He highlighted the hardships faced by veteran actors and suggested that seeking charity is preferable to engaging in illicit activities to survive.

Yomi Fabiyi Calls Out Mr. Latin’s Defense of TAMPAN

Additionally, Yomi Fabiyi called out Bolaji Amusan, popularly known as Mr. Latin, who is the president of the Theater Arts and Motion Picture Producers Association of Nigeria (TAMPAN).

Mr. Latin had stated that actors seeking help online are not members of the association.

Fabiyi advised Mr. Latin to exercise caution in his social media reactions, suggesting the appointment of a Special Adviser on Media to help avoid further missteps.

Veteran Actors Receive Support from Nigerians

Notably, despite the controversy surrounding online pleas for help, several veteran actors have recently received cars and financial assistance from well-meaning Nigerians.


Lalude, Iya Gbonkan, Pariolodo, and Alapinni are among the beneficiaries who have been supported in the past two months.


Yomi Fabiyi has criticized fellow actors Jaiye Kuti and Mr. Latin for their statements regarding veteran actors’ financial struggles and online pleas for assistance.

Fabiyi defended the rights of actors seeking help and highlighted the challenges faced by many veterans.

While the debate continues, it is evident that Nigerians have shown support by providing assistance to some of these ailing actors.

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