Within a day of their wedding, Chomzy’s husband faces allegations of domestic violence against his first wife.

Accusations and Allegations

Figo, the newlywed husband of BBNaija reality star Chomzy, faces disturbing accusations of domestic violence against his first wife, Precious.

The allegations surfaced shortly after Chomzy’s marriage to Figo, with blogger Cutie shedding light on distressing details of Figo’s alleged abusive behavior towards his former partner.

According to Cutie’s claims, Figo had a history of physically assaulting his first wife, leaving her with visible bruises on her body and head.

Shockingly, accompanying this revelation were purported police reports and distressing images, providing tangible evidence to support these serious allegations.

Previous Controversies and Unveiled Secrets

This distressing revelation follows a string of controversies surrounding Chomzy, including recent allegations of an affair with a married man.

Reports had previously swirled, suggesting that Chomzy’s spouse was married to another woman while she was carrying his child. These ongoing revelations have added layers of complexity and scrutiny to Chomzy’s personal life.

Call for Justice and Fairness

In a public address on her platform, the blogger passionately advocated for justice and fairness in the situation.

She urged Chomzy to consider the welfare of Figo’s first wife, emphasizing the need for her to regain custody of her child.

Expressing concern over the impending birth of Chomzy’s child and the potential addition to Figo’s parental responsibilities, the blogger highlighted the inherent unfairness of the situation.

The call for action stemmed from a disbelief that a father could retain custody of a minor child against legal rulings, seemingly pointing fingers at influential individuals who might be aiding such injustices.

The appeal concluded with an exasperated plea for an end to the perceived injustice and an implicit demand for accountability.

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