Big Brother Naija Star Chomzy Sparks Pregnancy Speculations with Joyful Video

Chomzy’s Viral Video Triggers Pregnancy Speculations

Big Brother Naija reality star Chomzy has sent the internet into a frenzy with widespread pregnancy speculations following her appearance in a joyous video.

Known for her penchant for tight-fitting and revealing outfits, Chomzy’s latest video showcased her in attire that appeared more loosely fitting, catching the attention of online observers.

The All-White Affair: A Closer Look at Chomzy’s Video

In the viral video, Chomzy exuded joy as she danced gracefully in a beautiful all-white gown, showering money generously at a party.

While her generosity was notable, it was the apparent change in her appearance that fueled the speculations, leading fans to wonder if the reality star is expecting.

Online Reactions and Pregnancy Rumors

Chomzy’s online in-laws quickly picked up on the subtle hints, sparking a wave of pregnancy rumors among her fans and well-wishers. Social media platforms buzzed with comments and speculations about the reality star’s possible journey into motherhood.

Fan Reactions: Excitement and Questions

  • amydra_amara’s Prediction: “I said it ????all those her travels were not in vain ????I know it will result in mummy tata????.”
  • bubblestarr123’s Query: “Who’s the husband?”
  • rhukkey’s Playful Comment: “???? Chioma don carry belle , shakara don end oo????????.”
  • jo_yce_______’s Observation: “It’s honestly clear in the last post she made in a green dress. I could tell almost immediately that she was pregnant.”
  • mommy_chizzy’s Surprise: “Is she married now? Wow congrats to her o.”
  • hormowunmiii’s Joyful Perspective: “Since when lol.,it’s a thing of joy nothing to be @$h@med of.”


As the speculations swirl, fans eagerly await confirmation or news from Chomzy herself, celebrating the possibility of a new chapter in the reality star’s life.