Mother of Viral Physically Challenged Hawker, Eniola, Reveals Reasons Behind Transformation

Childhood Deformity and Struggles

Kafayat Adeleke, the mother of Eniola, a physically challenged hawker who gained viral attention, has shed light on her son’s transformation into a lady.

She revealed that Eniola’s deformity was present from birth and has been a source of surprise for those questioning his physical attributes.

Eniola’s struggles, particularly as a street hawker, caught the attention of skit maker Brain Jotter, who offered support.

Help from Brain Jotter and Davido’s Involvement

Brain Jotter, impressed by Eniola’s determination, gifted her N400,000 and encouraged Nigerians to patronize her make-over business.

The video went viral, with Davido tagging the handle of Osun State Governor, Ademola Adeleke, for assistance. However, controversies arose as netizens claimed that Eniola, self-identified as a ‘female hawker,’ is actually a boy disguising as a girl.

Clarification from Eniola’s Mother

In an interview with LilGaga, Eniola’s mother clarified that her son has been disguising as a girl in Osogbo since 2018. She emphasized that Eniola was born with a deformity, refuting claims of running away for ritual purposes.

According to her, Eniola ran away to Lagos in 2020 to seek help while portraying himself as a girl to gain public sympathy.

Mother’s Perspective and Emotional Impact

Adeleke expressed her affection for Eniola, stating that he is her favorite among her children. She refuted allegations of intending to use him for rituals, inviting verification in Osogbo.

She shared pictures illustrating Eniola’s deformity since birth and his birth certificate, confirming his birth on September 23, 2005.

Eniola’s Revelation on Instagram Live

Eniola, in an Instagram Live session, affirmed that he is a boy and explained that he dressed as a girl to appeal for help since no one was willing to assist him.

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