Viral Physically Challenged Hawker, Eniola, Alleges Maltreatment and Family Discord

A physically challenged hawker known as Eniola, who gained fame for his water-selling hustle and viral transformation, has come forward with shocking allegations of maltreatment, leading to his decision to run away from home.

The young man’s story had garnered attention when he disguised himself as a lady to sell water, seeking financial assistance.

Allegations of Maltreatment

Eniola, in a recent video, made startling claims about enduring mistreatment from his family, particularly citing physical abuse from his mother as a reason for his departure from home.

The video sheds light on the challenges he faced within the family environment.

Background of Viral Transformation

Eniola initially gained widespread attention when a comedian, Brain Jotter, offered him assistance after he was exposed as male while dressed as a lady.

The comedian contributed N600,000 to support Eniola’s needs, drawing both sympathy and curiosity from the public.

Family’s Response and Identity Clarification

In response to Eniola’s allegations, his mother, in an interview with Akin Abolade, provided a counter-narrative. She revealed that Eniola’s real name is Sultan, not Eniola, and clarified that his actual age is 18, contrary to the 23 years stated by Eniola.

The mother expressed deep hurt over the accusations, emphasizing her love for him, asserting that she even asked him for financial assistance when his video went viral.

Emotional Appeal from Mother

The mother’s interview highlighted her emotional distress, especially when recounting her son’s response to her request for financial help. She shared how Eniola’s words, implying that it wasn’t her turn yet, deeply affected her.

Despite the challenges, she expressed love and concern for her son, revealing the pain caused by his statements.

Impact on Social Media

The conflicting narratives and emotional aspects of the story have sparked discussions on social media, with users expressing varied opinions on the dynamics of the family situation and the challenges faced by the physically challenged hawker.

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