Eniola, Viral Physically Challenged Hawker, Confesses to Pretending to be Female for Help

Eniola, Viral Physically Challenged Hawker, Confesses to Pretending to be Female for Help

Viral Hawker’s Deceptive Strategy Exposed

Eniola, the physically challenged hawker who gained internet fame, admits to posing as a female to garner assistance, prompting a shift in public perception.

Brain Jotter’s Charitable Act Unravels Deception

After Brain Jotter’s generous donation to set up a makeup business, Eniola’s admission about his true gender raises questions about the authenticity of the initial plea for help.

Davido’s Reaction and Governor Adeleke’s Plans

Davido responds to Eniola’s revelation, advising against further assistance, while Governor Adeleke’s initial plans to support the hawker are now under scrutiny.

Eniola’s Live Video Explanation

In a live video on Instagram, Eniola speaks out, defending his decision to dress as a woman for assistance and revealing his past struggles.

Public Response to the Controversy

The revelation sparks controversy and prompts discussions on social media about the ethics of seeking help and the impact on individuals willing to provide assistance.

Governor Adeleke’s Reconsideration

As Eniola’s story takes a turn, Governor Adeleke considers reassessing plans for support, exploring options for education or skill development.

Debunking the Initial Narrative

Eniola’s admission challenges the narrative that initially gained public sympathy, highlighting the complexities surrounding online pleas for help and charitable acts.

Impact on Perception and Future Assistance T

he incident raises questions about the authenticity of other online pleas for assistance, influencing public perception and potentially affecting future acts of charity.

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