Beyond Stereotypes: Examining the Dynamics of Household Chores in Relationships

I believed I had the perfect husband—someone who did everything for me. When friends complained about their partners’ lack of contribution to household chores, I couldn’t relate.

However, the age-old debate of who does more chores prompted me to use the new Share The Load online tool, promising definitive answers to the household duties divide.

The Perfect Husband Illusion:

Despite my confidence in my husband’s prowess in household chores, the Share The Load tool revealed surprising results.

While I expected him to emerge victorious, the statistics showed a 52/48 split, challenging my fantasy of having a husband who does everything.

The Share The Load Tool: A Game-Changer:

Share The Load asks users to input hours spent on various tasks, offering insights beyond cleaning to include gardening, DIY, cooking, childcare, admin, driving, dog walking, and laundry. The tool aims to provide a comprehensive view of the distribution of household responsibilities.

A Peek Into Our Household Dynamics:

My husband excels in gardening, DIY, childcare, admin, and driving, while I shine in dog walking, food shopping, and cooking. The tool’s outcome suggests a balanced 52/48 split, highlighting the nuances of our roles in the household.

Challenges of a Common Marriage:

While the tool showcases our equal partnership, a revealing caveat remains—the state of our untidy house. Cleaning remains a contentious issue as neither of us is willing to take on the task, leading to an ongoing crisis in our household.

Balancing Act:

Acknowledging our shared responsibilities, we divide tasks, ensuring fairness and laziness prevail. Despite societal expectations, our untidy house challenges traditional norms, emphasizing happiness over a spotless home.

Insights from Tanya’s Husband, Andrew Watts:

Andrew Watts shares his perspective on the Share The Load tool, emphasizing the accuracy of its representation of their marriage.

He reflects on the challenges and priorities within their household, offering a candid glimpse into the dynamics of their roles in childcare, housework, and beyond.


In the pursuit of an equal marriage, we navigate the complexities of modern relationships, redefining traditional roles and challenging societal expectations.

The Share The Load tool becomes a mirror reflecting the intricate dance of chores within our partnership, proving that equality comes in various forms—even if it means living with a perpetually untidy house.

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