Nollywood Realities: Ruth Eze’s Stance on On-Set Dynamics and Relationships

Ruth Eze Opens Up on Marriage Preferences in Nollywood

In a candid interview, renowned Nollywood actress Ruth Eze revealed her reservations about marrying a fellow actor in the industry.

While expressing openness to wed a filmmaker, she firmly ruled out the possibility of marrying a male actor.

The actress delved into the reasons behind her decision, shedding light on the behind-the-scenes dynamics in the Nollywood film sets.

Reluctance to Marry a Male Actor

Ruth Eze voiced her concerns about the on-set behavior of male actors, emphasizing that witnessing certain actions during filming could be disheartening.

She particularly mentioned the practice of actresses, whether married or not, bringing food to male actors on set.

According to Ruth, such behaviors, if known to the public, might lead to a reconsideration of associations with Nollywood actors.

“I can never marry a colleague.

I can marry a filmmaker, but not an actor. If you see the things they do on set while filming, even the married ones, you wouldn’t want to have anything to do with them.

Other girls come to look for them, and some even bring food,” Ruth Eze stated.

Privacy and Caution in Relationships

Addressing the issue of privacy in relationships or marriages, Ruth emphasized the need to maintain a low-key lifestyle, especially in the public eye.

She highlighted the challenges and cautious approach adopted by actors, particularly in the eastern part of Nigeria, where the film industry is vibrant.

“A lot of people don’t like to see others, especially in Nollywood in the eastern part of the country.

We don’t like one another.

I cannot expose my relationship or who I am in love with.

There is no actor in Nollywood, especially in Asaba (Delta State), that one would buy food for on set and they would eat.

Everybody is scared because of how dangerous that side is.

When one goes for any production, one is usually scared.

So, in order to be careful, one has to buy one’s food,” Ruth added.

Ruth Eze’s candid revelations provide insights into the intricate dynamics of relationships within the Nollywood industry.

Her concerns about privacy and the cautious approach to on-set interactions shed light on the challenges faced by actors in navigating their personal lives amidst the public eye.

This reflects the unique nuances of the entertainment industry and the careful considerations individuals must make in their professional and personal spheres.