This is Samuda Estate the original location of the the top boy’s summerhouse.

Introduction: In the gritty world of “Top Boy,” one location stands out as truly iconic: the Summerhouse Estate. This is not just a backdrop; it’s a character in its own right. From the perspective of the show’s line producer, Tina Pawlik, the estate is the heart of the series. It has witnessed everything from love and loss to the evolution of friendships and relationships. Moreover, it’s been at the center of rival gang tensions, shootings, and drug raids.

The Search for an Iconic Set: The Summerhouse Estate in the show finds its real-life counterpart in the Samuda Estate on the Isle of Dogs. However, when the Top Boy team was reviving the series on Netflix in 2017, they initially scouted for an empty estate to transform into their Summerhouse. This reflects the challenging reality that there are few vacant estates in and around London, as many have been replaced by new housing developments.

Samuda Estate’s Unexpected Role: Due to the scarcity of empty estates, the Samuda Estate became essential for the show’s production. The Top Boy team went to great lengths, even door-knocking every resident to secure permission for filming. Surprisingly, every resident agreed, highlighting the extraordinary achievement of the team.

Challenges of Filming in Samuda: Filming in a lively estate like Samuda came with its share of challenges, as explained by Assistant Locations Manager Andy Orr. Despite meticulous preparations, small inconveniences like a misplaced car could disrupt the shoot. Fortunately, their preparations helped in swiftly resolving such issues.

Community Spirit: Sharon Clachar, the services manager for One Housing (which manages Samuda Estate), emphasizes the excitement of Samuda’s residents to have Top Boy filmed there. Residents often went the extra mile by offering tea to the cast and crew. Some residents even made appearances as extras in the background.

Addressing Contemporary Issues: Samuda Estate played a crucial role in addressing contemporary issues faced by Summerhouse’s residents, such as immigration and gentrification. Despite Samuda’s good condition, the art department creatively dressed certain areas to appear as abandoned flats, aligning with the show’s narrative.

Benefitting the Estate: Filming Top Boy also had a positive impact on the Samuda Estate by injecting much-needed funds. The money was reinvested in the community, providing residents with opportunities for activities like trips and entertainment.

Conclusion: As the highly anticipated “Top Boy” returns to Netflix on September 7th, the story behind the iconic Summerhouse Estate and its real-world counterpart, Samuda Estate, adds depth to the series. The challenges faced during filming and the community’s enthusiasm highlight the dedication of the production team and the significance of this location in the show’s narrative.

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