Residents of Iconic Inbetweeners Filming Location Share Behind-the-Scenes Stories

Residents of Iconic Inbetweeners Filming Location Share Behind-the-Scenes Stories

Living opposite ‘Will’s house’ in Abbots Langley, Herts, Janette Creasey, a 69-year-old retired teacher, experienced the filming of the Inbetweeners right from the start in 2007.


Little did she know that the comedy, following the mishaps of four awkward teenagers, would eventually become a cult classic.

Janette recalls a memorable encounter during the early stages of filming the first season.

Stepping outside her house one day, she found herself face to face with the entire cast.

Amused, she asked them if they were the stars of the show, to which they replied in jest, unaware of the massive success that awaited them.


Janette remains somewhat reserved about the show, considering it a bit crude for her taste, but the interaction with the cast remains etched in her memory.

Bryan Farrelly: Unfazed by the Filming Buzz

Bryan Farrelly, along with his wife Cynthia and daughter Lauren, has been residing in ‘Simon’s house’ since 2008.

As filming took place, the Farrelly family embraced the experience without letting it disrupt their routines.

Bryan, a part-time flooring contractor, mentioned that they simply carried on with their daily tasks while the show’s crew worked around them.

However, seeing their home on television was indeed a peculiar experience.


The novelty of watching their own house appear in the sitcom gave them a sense of the surreal.

Paul Pyzer: Unexpected Home in the Limelight

Next door to Simon’s house resides Paul Pyzer, a 45-year-old teacher who moved in with his wife Danielle in 2012.

Although the majority of the filming had concluded by then, the Inbetweeners was still a sensation.

Paul and Danielle couldn’t ignore the peculiar sight of cars frequently driving around their cul-de-sac, trying to catch a glimpse of the famous filming location.

At first, they couldn’t comprehend the sudden interest until they connected the dots with the sitcom’s popularity.


They even noticed groups of people taking tours of the area, solely captivated by the show’s iconic houses.

The quaint neighborhood in Abbots Langley, Herts, has left an enduring impression on the memories of those who witnessed the Inbetweeners’ humble beginnings.

From chance encounters with the cast during filming to the oddity of seeing their homes on television, the residents of ‘Will’s house’ and ‘Simon’s house’ experienced a unique slice of fame and its effects on their once quiet streets.

The Inbetweeners may have come to an end, but the legacy of this British sitcom continues to linger in the hearts of its fans.


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