Love Island Star Maxwell Samuda Reveals Real Reason for Split from Olivia Hawkins

…By Jack Sylva for TDPel Media. Love Island star Maxwell Samuda has shared the real reason behind his split from actress Olivia Hawkins.

The couple left the show together after being voted off just before the grand final, but they soon separated amid accusations of having a “showmance”.

Maxwell has now opened up about the end of their relationship, revealing that his attention and focus were scattered after they left the villa and returned to the UK.

He said that it was easy to have a great time when they were together in South Africa, but once they were back in their normal lives, other things started competing for their attention.

In addition, he admitted that he wasn’t sure about the long-term prospects of their relationship.

Different Environment in the Villa

When they were in the villa or still in South Africa, the couple only had to focus on each other.


They were in a different environment and essentially on holiday together.

The hunk confessed that his “attention” and “focus” was all over the place
The hunk confessed that his “attention” and “focus” was all over the place

According to Maxwell, it was easy to have a great time when you’re on holiday.

However, once they returned home, their attention was pulled in other directions, and they had to contend with various distractions that took their focus away from their relationship.

Questions About Longevity

Maxwell also confessed that he wasn’t sure about the long-term prospects of their relationship after they left the villa.

While they had connected and got on well, he wasn’t sure if their relationship had the same longevity outside of the Love Island bubble.

They called time on their relationship in March
They called time on their relationship in March

Maxwell and Olivia were among the first couples to separate from the show, and it seems that the adjustment period was too much for them to handle.

Drifting Apart


According to a source cited in The Sun, the couple called time on their relationship in March.

They had a chat about the state of their relationship, and both agreed that it was time to end things.

Although they had fun together, they naturally drifted apart.

Olivia has been focusing on work projects, while Maxwell has been busy in Mexico. There are no hard feelings between the two, but their relationship simply wasn’t meant to be.


Maxwell’s comments provide some insight into the unique challenges that couples face after leaving Love Island.

While they are in the villa, they are in a controlled environment where they can focus solely on their relationship.

However, once they return to their normal lives, they must deal with distractions and other challenges that can put a strain on their relationship.


It’s also interesting to note that Maxwell wasn’t sure about the long-term prospects of their relationship, which suggests that the Love Island bubble can sometimes create a false sense of intimacy.

Ultimately, it seems that Maxwell and Olivia were simply not meant to be, but their story serves as a cautionary tale for future Love Island contestants.

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