Paddington Bear’s Return to Peru Sparks Controversy as Filming Location Shifts to Colombia

Paddington Bear’s Return to Peru Sparks Controversy as Filming Location Shifts to Colombia

Paddington Bear’s Cinematic Journey

Paddington Bear, the beloved character from the “deepest darkest Peru,” is set to embark on a new cinematic adventure in the upcoming 2024 blockbuster titled “Paddington in Peru.”

However, the choice of filming location for the heartwarming return to his homeland has ignited controversy in the world of filmmaking.

A Hollywood-Sized Storm

The producers of Paddington’s silver screen adventures have opted for Colombia as the primary filming location for the movie.

This decision has created a Hollywood-sized storm, especially considering the iconic bear’s origins and his connection to Peru.

From Stowaway to South America

Paddington Bear’s journey began when he was discovered at Paddington station, a mere stowaway who had traveled all the way from the depths of Peru to London.

Over the years, he has become a beloved character known for his adventures in the British capital.

Paddington’s Homecoming

“Paddington in Peru” promises to take the iconic bear and his adoptive Brown family back to South America for a holiday of a lifetime.

While the majority of the film will showcase this heartwarming homecoming, there’s a twist in the story when it comes to the filming location.

Outrage in Peru

The decision to shoot the scenes depicting Paddington’s homecoming in Colombia has sparked outrage among Peruvian lawmakers.

They argue that this choice reflects negatively on Lima’s filmmaking industry, suggesting that it cannot secure prestigious productions, even when the storyline logically demands it.

Box Office Success

Regardless of where “Paddington in Peru” is filmed, it’s highly anticipated to be a box office hit. The previous two Paddington films, released in 2014 and 2017, collectively grossed over $500 million at the box office and received BAFTA nominations.

A Legacy Continues

Michael Bond, the creator of the Paddington books, passed away in 2017, leaving behind a cherished legacy.

In the third installment of the film franchise, Paddington returns to visit Great Aunt Lucy, and there’s talk of introducing an extended family of bear cousins.

Debate Over Peru’s Film Industry

In response to the controversy, Peruvian Congresswoman Adriana Tuleda has proposed a bill aimed at revitalizing Peru’s film industry.

She argues that bureaucratic red tape and a lack of incentives hinder the country’s ability to attract big-budget productions.

Balancing Act

Tuleda’s proposal includes a 50 percent state funding cap on national films, a move intended to reduce bureaucracy and encourage competition among domestic and international filmmakers.

However, some in the industry argue that it could adversely impact indigenous and regional movie-makers who rely on government grants.

The Identity of Peruvian Cinema

The debate over the bill highlights the complexity of preserving the identity of Peruvian cinema while fostering a self-sustaining industry.

The future of Peru’s film scene remains a topic of discussion, with various perspectives on how to achieve a thriving and diverse film industry.

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