Ukrainian Sniper Olena Bilozerska Says Russians Will Kill Putin Soon

Ukrainian Sniper Olena Bilozerska Says Russians Will Kill Putin Soon

Olena Bilozerska, a 44-year-old Ukrainian sniper credited with at least 10 confirmed kills, has boldly spoken about her views on Russian President Vladimir Putin, the ongoing conflict, and the future of Ukraine.

In an exclusive interview, she asserted that Putin is destined for a grim fate at the hands of his own associates, predicting his assassination.

Bilozerska, who has earned a reputation as Ukraine’s deadliest female sniper, expressed her willingness to personally eliminate Putin if given the chance.

Insight into Putin and Concerns for Ukraine

Describing Putin as an ‘inadequate person,’ Bilozerska voiced her concerns about the potential consequences if Russia succeeds in taking over Ukraine.

She warned of possible invasions into neighboring countries such as Moldova, Poland, or Finland.

The sniper, who has been actively involved in the conflict since Russia’s invasion in February 2022, emphasized the need for Ukraine to defend itself on the battlefield, citing a lack of trust in Russian politicians and their tendency to break treaties.

From Journalist to Sniper: Bilozerska’s Journey

Bilozerska’s journey into the military realm began in 2014 when, working as a journalist in Kyiv, she volunteered as a sniper in Dnipro. By 2018, she transitioned to becoming a full-time soldier in the Ukrainian Marine Corps.

Although demobilized in 2020, the invasion in 2022 prompted her return to the front lines, where she currently serves in Ukraine’s Artan Special Unit.

Her commitment to her country extends beyond personal risk, as both she and her husband, Valeriy Voronov, remain members of Ukraine’s Territorial Defence Services.

Noteworthy Achievements and Literary Pursuits

Bilozerska, a notable figure in Ukraine, gained recognition through her best-selling book, ‘Diary of an Illegal Soldier.’ The title reflects the period when volunteers like her were initially prohibited from fighting on the front lines.

She became a symbol of opposition during the Maidan Revolution in 2014, facing threats of imprisonment from the old hardline regime. Bilozerska’s versatility extends beyond the battlefield; she is not only a skilled sniper but also a poet.

Facing the Realities of War

Reflecting on the changing nature of warfare, Bilozerska acknowledged the increased difficulty posed by Russia’s use of drones, providing the enemy with constant surveillance.

Now an officer in Ukraine’s Defence Intelligence unit, she stressed the importance of Ukraine reclaiming control over its borders as defined in 1991 after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

She envisions a future where Ukraine fortifies its borders, strengthens its army, and ultimately joins NATO to secure its sovereignty.

Unapologetic Sniper and the Reality of War

Bilozerska, unapologetic about her actions as a sniper, dismissed moral anguish surrounding the act of killing in war. She sees armed enemies not as individuals but as targets threatening her country.

Her chilling expertise is evident in footage from 2017, showcasing her picking off targets through a thermal imaging night sight with ruthless efficiency.

Despite the intensity of her role, Bilozerska remains resolute in her dedication to Ukraine’s defense, viewing the battlefield as the only arena where Russia can be defeated.

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