eThekwini areas to experience 24-hour water shutdown

eThekwini areas to experience 24-hour water shutdown

In a proactive move to tackle persistent water supply challenges in the northern regions of Durban, the eThekwini Municipality has decided to temporarily shut down the northern aqueduct pipeline for essential maintenance work.

This strategic intervention aims to enhance the water supply infrastructure and address longstanding issues faced by residents in the affected areas.

Timeline of Repairs and Shutdown

The municipality has scheduled the repair work on the pipeline to commence from 5 pm on Tuesday, 20 February, and is expected to conclude by 5 pm on Wednesday, 21 February.

This timeframe has been carefully chosen to minimize inconvenience to the residents while ensuring the effectiveness of the maintenance procedures.

Progress and Modification Requirements

Acknowledging the significance of the water supply network, the City reports substantial progress in the repair efforts. Leaks have been addressed, and air valves in various sections of the pipeline have been replaced.

However, the remaining valves necessitate modification to seamlessly integrate into the network, compelling the municipality to implement a temporary shutdown.

Community Cooperation and Water Conservation

Residents in the affected areas, including Phoenix, Avoca, Sea Cow Lake, Springfield, Newlands East, Durban North, Amaoti, KwaMashu, Ntuzuma, Inanda, and Umhlanga, are encouraged to use the available water judiciously during this period.

The municipality emphasizes the collective responsibility of the community in conserving water resources and ensuring the success of the repair initiative.

Addressing Concerns and Communication

While recognizing the potential inconvenience caused by the temporary water shutdown, the municipality reassures residents that these efforts are vital for the long-term improvement of water supply services.

Open communication channels remain available to address any concerns or queries from the community.

This planned shutdown represents a proactive step towards creating a more resilient and reliable water infrastructure, reflecting the municipality’s commitment to ensuring a sustainable water supply for the benefit of all residents in northern Durban.