Ukraine’s deadliest female sniper who killed 3 Russians in a night vows to take on Putin if he orders Russian troops to invade

As concerns of an invasion grow, a female Ukrainian sharpshooter who has killed at least ten people while fighting pro-Russian separatists has pledged to take on Putin’s forces.
Olena Bilozerska, a battle-hardened soldier who has already battled in the contested Donbas, east Ukraine, in blown-up houses and trenches, insists she is eager to do it all over again to protect her country.
“You pick up a weapon against my country, that’s it, you’re a target,” she says. He’ll kill you if you don’t get him out in time.
It’s possible that you or one of your comrades will be killed.
“If I didn’t shoot in time and the target hid, that’s when I feel angry at myself for missing my chance.
And if the target is hit, I feel the pleasure of a job well done. She says she does not care about the lives of those she killed and she vows she would do it again.
She says: “When the enemy crawls towards our position to kill me, does he think if I have a husband, parents, or
Olena with her husband  “Of course not. And I don’t bother myself with stupid things either.
That stuff is for books and movies.
“In real life, anyone who thinks along those lines in battle is already as good as dead.
” Olena Bilozerska became famous back in 2017 when a video was shared online in which she is heard commentating on the “bastards” she kills as she coldly fires shots at them.

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