Tina Turner’s Brave Revelation: Contemplating Assisted Suicide and Embracing Life

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media. Tina Turner’s Candid Reflection: Contemplating Assisted Suicide and the Gift of Life


Renowned singer Tina Turner opened up about her contemplation of assisted suicide in 2016, a period marked by her health struggles.

However, her husband, Erwin Bach, would later donate his kidney, providing a renewed sense of hope and vitality.

Turner’s recent passing at the age of 83 has sparked further discussion about her journey and the complexities surrounding end-of-life decisions.

Considering Assisted Suicide:

In her book, Turner disclosed that she had registered with an assisted suicide organization at the end of 2016, mentally preparing herself for the possibility of dying.

She expressed that the toxins in her body had begun to take their toll, leaving her unable to eat and merely surviving rather than truly living.


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She acknowledged her acceptance of death if her kidneys were failing, but she expressed concerns about the process itself.

Switzerland’s Assisted Suicide Context:

Turner highlighted the legal status of assisted suicide in Switzerland, where she resided.

While the patient is required to self-administer the lethal drug, several organizations, including Exit and Dignitas, facilitate the process.

Turner shared that she had become a member of Exit, an organization that provides support and resources for assisted suicide.

The Impact on Erwin Bach:

Turner’s contemplation of her own mortality deeply affected her husband, Erwin Bach.

She recognized his emotional response and his reluctance to lose her, expressing his profound attachment and desire for her to remain by his side.


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Tina Turner’s candid reflection on considering assisted suicide provides insight into the complex and personal decisions individuals face when battling health challenges.

Her openness about her mental and emotional state during that time invites conversations about the intersection of personal autonomy, quality of life, and end-of-life choices.

While the topic of assisted suicide remains controversial and raises ethical considerations, Turner’s story highlights the importance of compassionate support and understanding for individuals navigating difficult health circumstances.

Ultimately, the gift of life given by her husband’s kidney donation served as a turning point in Turner’s journey, underscoring the transformative power of love and the profound impact it can have on one’s perspective.


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