Bride Seeks Jess to Gift £75 Bracelet After Bridesmaid Fallout: Turning Heartbreak into Generosity

Bride Seeks Jess to Gift £75 Bracelet After Bridesmaid Fallout: Turning Heartbreak into Generosity

…By Lola Smith for TDPel Media. A bride-to-be named Katie has taken to TikTok to search for someone named Jess to give them a £75 bracelet.


Katie explained in a video that one of her bridesmaids, whom she considered her “best friend,” decided she wanted nothing to do with her and dropped out of the wedding.

In an effort to turn a negative situation into something positive, Katie hopes to find someone deserving named Jess to gift the bracelet to.

Bridesmaid Fallout: Loss and a Search for Jess:

Katie reveals that she had gifted each of her bridesmaids an Abbott Lyon bracelet with their names on them as part of the bridesmaid proposal.

However, the bridesmaid in question not only withdrew from the wedding but also cut ties with Katie.

Katie mentions feeling hurt by the sudden turn of events but is grateful for the support she received from colleagues, friends, and family.

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Now, she wants to bring something good out of the situation by finding a deserving recipient for the bracelet.


The Gift: A Personalized Bracelet:

Katie showcases the bracelet in the TikTok video, highlighting its beauty and value.

The accessory features the name ‘Jess’ in gold italic, cursive writing, surrounded by a circle of pearls and gold beads.

Katie states that the bracelet is worth £75 and expresses her intention to give it away to someone named Jess who deserves it.

A Plea to the TikTok Community:

Katie encourages viewers to comment if their name is Jess or if they know someone named Jess who deserves a treat.

She plans to send the bracelet for free to the chosen recipient.

Katie clarifies that the giveaway is not affiliated with Abbott Lyon or TikTok and mentions that the winner will be selected when she feels the post has reached a sufficient audience.

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Heartfelt Responses and Support:

The video has already gained significant attention, garnering over 13,000 views.

Numerous people named Jess or tagging friends named Jess have expressed their interest in the comments.


Many individuals empathize with Katie’s situation, offering words of encouragement and support.

Some share stories of their own friends named Jess who are going through difficult times and could use a treat.

Abbott Lyon and the Value of the Bracelet:

Abbott Lyon is a luxury jewelry brand known for personalized accessories, including watches, bracelets, necklaces, and handbags.

The prices of their products range from £50 to £150.


Katie’s search for someone named Jess to gift a £75 bracelet reflects her desire to find positivity after a bridesmaid fallout.

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Her TikTok video has attracted significant attention, with many individuals expressing interest and sharing their own stories.

As the search continues, Katie hopes to bring joy to someone deserving and create a silver lining in the midst of a difficult situation.

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