Maryland Bishops Advocate Against Assisted Suicide, Calling for Improved End-of-Life Care and Increased Safeguards

Maryland Bishops Reject Assisted Suicide, Advocate for Improved End-of-Life Care

In a significant stance against assisted suicide, Maryland bishops have issued a call for enhanced end-of-life care while expressing concerns over proposed legislation.

They emphasize the importance of modern medical advancements to provide comfort for individuals with terminal illnesses.

Call for Improved End-of-Life Care

The bishops argue that rather than resorting to assisted suicide, Marylanders should focus on improving end-of-life care.

They stress the responsibility of each individual to ensure a dignified death without resorting to physician-prescribed suicide.

Lack of Safeguards in Proposed Legislation

Expressing their reservations about the proposed legislation, the bishops highlight the absence of essential safeguards.

They emphasize the need for mental health assessments, reporting requirements, proper medication disposal, and prohibitions against program expansion to prevent potential abuses.

Reality Check on Assisted Suicide Claims

The bishops challenge the claims of proponents of assisted suicide legislation, arguing that it offers an insufficient and drastic option for those facing terminal illnesses.

They point out the lack of meaningful safeguards, making it prone to abuse and expansion, as witnessed in states where assisted suicide has been legalized.

Urging a Better Path Forward

In a compelling plea, the bishops urge lawmakers to reject suicide as an end-of-life option.

They advocate for a safer and more compassionate path that involves radical solidarity with individuals facing the end of their earthly journey.

Broader Opposition Across States

The opposition to assisted suicide is not confined to Maryland, as residents of Massachusetts and New York also receive calls from bishops and pro-life advocates to resist similar bills in their states.

The Massachusetts proposal, known as the “End of Life Options Act,” and the New York bill, titled the “Medical Aid in Dying Act,” face significant opposition due to concerns about intentionally ending human life and potential dangers for vulnerable populations.

National Landscape of Assisted Suicide Legislation

As of 2024, 16 other states are reportedly considering assisted suicide legislation, highlighting the ongoing national debate surrounding end-of-life choices.

Author Background and Expertise

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