Animal Rights Activists in Custody After Lambs Stolen from Sandringham Estate

Animal Rights Activists in Custody After Lambs Stolen from Sandringham Estate

...By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

Animal Rising eco-mob steals lambs from Sandringham: Vegan activists target King Charles’ royal country estate and drive away with animals


Activists from Animal Rising, formerly known as Animal Rebellion, have been arrested for stealing and transporting three lambs from King Charles’s Sandringham Estate in Norfolk.

The militant animal rights campaigners trespassed onto the royal estate, took the lambs, and were apprehended by the authorities.

Activists’ Rescue Mission:

Three women, identified as Rose Patterson, Sarah Foy, and Rosa, wearing pink Animal Rebellion t-shirts, were captured on camera taking the lambs from Appleton Farm on the King’s land in West Newton.

Rose Patterson, a director of the campaign group, had previously been arrested for her involvement in disrupting the Grand National.

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The activists claimed that they rescued the lambs, naming them Sammy, Sunny, and Sooty, to save them from being slaughtered.


The Theft and Transport:

Video footage shows the three women rushing into the farm, picking up a lamb, affectionately calling it ‘baby,’ and carrying it to their van.

The activists affectionately referred to the lamb as ‘heavy’ and ‘sweetie pie’ as they loaded it onto the truck filled with hay.

Another clip shows the activists sitting in the field, watching the grazing sheep as they eat.

Animal Rising’s Statement:

According to Animal Rising’s website, this incident is the first of their planned “high-profile ‘open rescues’ this summer.”

Sarah Foy, one of the activists, emphasized that animals deserve to live their lives free from exploitation, raising the need for a national conversation about our relationship with animals and nature.

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Mixed Reactions and Concerns:


While some social media users called for Norfolk Police to investigate the alleged theft, expressing concerns for the animals’ welfare, others criticized the activists’ actions.

Criticisms ranged from accusing the activists of theft and disrupting farmers’ livelihoods to questioning whether the lambs were separated from their mothers and urging the activists to consider the welfare of the entire flock.

Arrest and Current Status:

The three activists voluntarily turned themselves in to Berkshire Police and were subsequently arrested on suspicion of theft.

They currently remain in custody at a police station in Slough.

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The group stands firm in their belief that a jury of ordinary people will empathize with their cause.


The fate of the lambs, whether they have been returned to the farmer or released into the wild, remains unknown.


Animal Rising, an offshoot of Extinction Rebellion, has pledged to disrupt the Epsom Derby, scheduled for June 3.

This incident adds to the series of demonstrations and actions carried out by the group, which includes occupying restaurants with meat-heavy menus and protesting at horse races.

Norfolk Police are actively investigating the theft of the lambs from the West Newton farm.


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