This Morning’s Kate Lawler Takes a £400 Shot and Discusses a Chance at Winning £1 Million in Scotland

On a recent episode of “This Morning,” viewers were treated to a special segment featuring Kate Lawler.

The show’s hosts, Alison Hammond and Holly Willoughby, invited Kate to share her competition segment, where one fortunate person had the chance to win a remarkable £1 million.

Kate’s segment showcased various extravagant items, including a luxury hotel, a boat, and some exceptionally costly alcohol.

Exploring Luxury: The Alcohol Highlight

As the segment progressed, it became evident that the spotlight was on the extravagant alcohol selection.

Kate Lawler introduced a particularly substantial bottle of alcohol, revealing that Hollywood legend Leonardo DiCaprio had once spent a jaw-dropping £1,600 on booze at the very pub where this bottle resided.

Kate then unveiled a bottle with a staggering price tag of £400 per shot, emphasizing that she was only permitted to smell it.

The Unexpected Shot: Kate Takes the Plunge

In an unexpected turn of events, Kate Lawler decided to take a shot of the £400 alcohol, defying her initial intention to merely smell it.

The moment was prompted by Alison Hammond, who urged her to “just do it.”

Kate hesitated briefly but ultimately downed the costly shot, much to the astonishment of Alison and Holly.

Laughter and disbelief filled the air, and Kate jokingly apologized to the bar staff, quipping that ITV would cover the expense.

Banter and Playfulness: Covering the Bill

The playful banter continued as Alison, Holly, and Kate shared a lighthearted moment.

Holly, cheekily inquiring if Kate was “feeling it,” hinted at the possibility of more shots.

Kate responded that she would need another, prompting Holly to playfully suggest that Kate would be responsible for the bill.

The trio enjoyed some laughter, with Alison even offering to cover the cost.

Back to Business: The Whopping Prize Fund

Amid the laughter and camaraderie, Kate Lawler redirected the focus towards the potential prize fund that viewers could win.

The competition had been promoted throughout the week, reminding viewers of the substantial reward awaiting a fortunate participant.

“This Morning” Continues

Despite the extravagant shot that broke the budget, Kate Lawler’s segment served as an entertaining and memorable moment on “This Morning.”

The show continued its regular weekday schedule on ITV at 10 am, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating more captivating segments and unexpected surprises in the future.

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